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Browse files fix out-of-tree builds when the GNOME UI is enabled

The install command doesn't use $(srcdir) so out-of-tree builds fail.

Signed-off-by: Ross Burton <>
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rossburton authored and shawnl committed Sep 17, 2019
1 parent 9bde297 commit 8a80bd061bb90d1dfb8d38a4a62ee44af7d1cad5
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@@ -1130,8 +1130,8 @@ install-example: $(example_DOCS)
install-gnome-data: $(gnome_data)
$(mkinstalldirs) "$(DESTDIR)$(icondir)"
$(mkinstalldirs) "$(DESTDIR)$(desktopdir)"
$(INSTALL_DATA) gnome/distccmon-gnome.png "$(DESTDIR)$(icondir)"
$(INSTALL_DATA) gnome/distccmon-gnome.desktop "$(DESTDIR)$(desktopdir)"
$(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/gnome/distccmon-gnome.png "$(DESTDIR)$(icondir)"
$(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/gnome/distccmon-gnome.desktop "$(DESTDIR)$(desktopdir)"

install-conf: $(conf_files) $(default_files)
$(mkinstalldirs) "$(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/distcc"

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