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Take these human-readable files and normalize their content and

   README                     Our blurp, tooting our horn
   INSTALL                    The run_all_autoconf and friends incantations
   COPYING                    GPL 2.0 license
   distcc/README              Martin's blurp
   distcc/INSTALL             Also: more on masquerading, host lists,
   distcc/COPYING             GPL 2.0 license
   distcc/NEWS                Recently updated
   distcc/AUTHORS             Martin Pool
   distcc/README.packaging    Various advice (version numbering etc)
   distcc/TODO                A very long list (not updated)
   distcc/ChangeLog	      All changes under arch and under bzr
   distcc/ChangeLog.old	      All changes from before arch.

Now all live in the top-level directory.  This is the first step
towards our eventual goal of getting rid of the second-level distcc
and include_server directories, and just having everything under one
top-level directory.  We're all part of the same project now!

Here's how I merged and updated content:

. README became README.pump.  It was slightly edited for clarity.  (I
  also redid all the line-wrapping, which makes diff-ing
  difficult. :-( )  distcc/README became README, with a small amount
  of text added to describe 'pump' mode, and point to README.pump.

. distcc/NEWS became NEWS.  pump functionality was added (a new
  "distcc-3.0" entry).  I also added all new features and bug-fixes
  since we moved from arch to bzr.  It looks like NEWS was
  well-maintained before the move to bzr, so this might be pretty
  complete.  There may be some more pump-developed bugfixes we need to
  add, though.

. I got rid of distcc/COPYING.  Now COPYING is the only license in
  this directory.  This file was not changed.  It remains the GPL 2.0

. distcc/AUTHORS became AUTHORS.  I changed Martin to maintainer
  emeritus.  I added the Google authors as authors of the "pump"
  functionality, and current maintainers.  I set the Google email
  address to be, which is a new group I've set
  up to be the clearinghouse for distcc discussions.

. distcc/README.packaging became README.packaging.  It was not
  otherwise changed.

. distcc/TODO became TODO.  It was not otherwise changed, except I
  added that folks should look for FIXMEs in source files, not just

. I merged INSTALL and distcc/INSTALL (in that order).  I rearranged
  the text a little bit to remove redundancy (both talked about
  running 'configure'), but did not make any contentful changes.

. I merged distcc/ChangeLog and distcc/ChangeLog.old to have a single
  changelog again going all the way to 2002.  Comments now separate
  the various version control systems used.  (svn is #4!)  The single
  ChangeLog file now lives in the top-level directory.
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csilvers committed Apr 9, 2008
1 parent e11cf84 commit af3ed3cd171768a8002ffc27f7a27dde25b8f4d0
Showing with 3,092 additions and 3,391 deletions.
  1. +12 −0 AUTHORS
  2. +2,777 −1 distcc/ChangeLog.old → ChangeLog
  3. +187 −5 INSTALL
  4. +14 −19 {distcc → }/NEWS
  5. +50 −54 README
  6. 0 {distcc → }/README.packaging
  7. +51 −0 README.pump
  8. +1 −1 {distcc → }/TODO
  9. +0 −6 distcc/AUTHORS
  10. +0 −340 distcc/COPYING
  11. +0 −2,775 distcc/ChangeLog
  12. +0 −190 distcc/INSTALL
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
Author and maintainer emeritus of distcc:
Martin Pool <>
Authors of "pump" functionality, and maintainers of distcc:
Nils Klarlund <>
Fergus Henderson
Craig Silverstein
Manos Renieris
See NEWS for credits of other contributors.
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