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Europa is a new Container Registry that makes it easy for software teams to host docker images within their infrastructure along with a unified view of all their images stored in local and remote repositories.


There are three editions of Europa:

  • Europa Community Edition (CE) is available freely under the Apache 2.0 license.
  • Europa Premium Edition (PE) includes extra features that are useful for small teams
  • Europa Enterprise Edition (EE) includes even more feautures (Teams, SAML, Service Accounts) useful for enterprises.

For pricing and support for Europa Premium & Enterprise Editions please visit


  • Push and pull images, securely, from the privacy of your own network.
  • Choose where to store your images from a variety of options, including S3 and local disk.
  • Support for Docker v2 API.
  • Support for connecting and synchronizing to other external Docker repositories.
  • Audit trails for repositories with a history of every action.
  • Automated push pipelines allowing the redundant push of images to multiple downstream repositories.
  • Single Sign-on via a SAML IDP
  • Fine Grained Access Control
  • Teams.

Open Source Yes..
Local Repositories YesYesYes
Remote Repositories YesYesYes
Automated Push PipelinesYesYesYes
Multi-user Support .YesYes
Access Control .YesYes
Single Sign-on ..Yes
Teams ..Yes

Getting Started

To get started with Europa Community Edition you can pull the latest image from Docker Hub:

docker pull distelli/europa:latest

Full documentation and a getting started guide is available at


Please see for details on how to contribute issues, fixes, and patches to this project.


If any issues are encountered while using Europa Community Edition, several avenues are available for support:

Issue Tracker
Mailing List


This project is distributed under Apache License, Version 2.0.