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This folder contains several models and seed generation script for a basic benchmark.

This benchmark compares jserializer gem against active_model_serializer gem (v0.8) and fast_jsonapi gem.

Note that it's not really apples-to-apples comparison with fast_jsonapi, since the output structure is quite different. But it can still give us a general feel of how the speed should look like when serializing similar amount of data.

Run the benchmark

First, install necessary dependencies:

$ bundle install


$ bundle exec ruby run.rb


  • xxx_context.rb contains serializer class definitions
  • models.rb contains model definitions, and seed generation functions
  • run.rb is the main file to run benchmark


Run on my Mid 2014 15-inch Macbook Pro (2.2 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3)

Using Ruby 2.3.7p456

                                user     system      total        real
active_model_serializer:    1.790000   0.030000   1.820000 (  1.813744)
jserilaizer:                0.620000   0.030000   0.650000 (  0.651212)
fast_jsonapi:               0.960000   0.080000   1.040000 (  1.037269)