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H5BP on Crack is a development setup that allows you to be productive right away if you use H5BP, jQuery, Handlebars, Store.js, QUnit, Grunt, the PubSub pattern, SASS & COMPASS.

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JS Frameworks for single page apps like Backbone and Ember.js are all the rage right now and they are awesome... for single page apps.

But what if you are in charge of the frontend of a classic multi-page website that needs some awesome css and a bunch of jQuery plugins and you want to have your basic setup neatly organized, easy to maintain, easily optimized for production and an architecture for the plugins to talk with eachother out of the box?

That's where Jumpstart comes in. It gives you a really good starting point to be productive right away. IF you like to work with the same tools as I do.

All The Things:

  • HTML5 Boilerplate
  • Works with Grunt.js and SASS/COMPASS out of the box
  • A pre-configured gruntfile with tasks for development and for production for both CSS and JavaScript
  • grunt-compass setup (No need to initialize a Compass project)
  • Basic H5BP CSS organized into SCSS partials
  • Plugins use Addy Osmani's basic plugin pattern
  • A better directory structure for your JavaScript libs and plugins
  • PubSub.js
  • JavaScript templating with Handlebars
  • Store.js
  • Testing with QUnit


  • Node.js
  • Grunt.js
  • SASS
  • Phantom.js

How To Use Jumpstart

Check out the project

git clone

Move into the project folder and fetch your dependencies

cd jumpstart
npm install
sudo npm install grunt-compass

Start grunt


Hack away.

Static Webserver

Jumpstart comes with a built-in static webserver. Just move to the project folder and run

node server.js

This will open a webserver on port 8080. Just go to 'http://localost:8080' in your browser.

You can specify a different port, by adding it as an argument to your server call

node server.js 8040


Jumpstart is released under the MIT license.

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