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TwitchDB Wiki

TwitchDB is a site created and maintained by the /r/twitch subreddit moderators. It is designed for streamers to get their name out there and provides tools to help streamers improve their stream based on feedback from viewers or other community members.

Twitchdb is still in beta, any urls listed with www. are actually beta. this is documentation for when TwitchDB is released into production. TwitchDB is not associated with Twitch, and is a 3rd party website.



When you first log into TwitchDB, you'll get directed to your profile. Your TwitchDB profile can contain lots of info about you. Info includes things like your schedule, the games you play, a bio about yourself, etc. Once logged in, you can fill this out by clicking "Edit profile".

On the edit profile page, you'll find that it is divided up into sections. Filling out the profile should be self explanatory, be sure to provide as much detail as you can! Profiles with minimal effort will get rejected.

Once submitted, your profile will be pending for review. Once a moderator checks everything, it will be approved or rejected. The status of your profile bio will show on your profile. Only you can see the status of your profile.

All profiles can be viewed regardless of status. The status is there so that only approved members can be seen on the main page when they are live.


On your profile page, you'll see a "View Feedback" button. Feedback is something that your viewers can send in via TwitchDB that will contain detailed info on how you can improve your stream. It can contain things they like, dislike, etc. Viewers may also submit feedback anonymously, if they feel its the best way to provide honest feedback.

Like profiles, feedback is moderated, to help filter out the trolls. The feedback system is very new, and currently does not have any notification options. This is something we hope to integrate in the future.

You can link your feedback page anywhere, either with a bot command or on your Twitch profile. the feedback page url for mine, for example, would be http://www.twitchdb.tv/user/distortednet/feedback/


On your profile page, you'll notice the "Votes" section. Votes are something any user can do if they enjoy your profile, and comes in handy when using the "channel surf" section of the website, where users can click on a thumbs up icon to vote on a stream they enjoy. The benefit of this is once someone votes on you, you'll appear in a special directory of TwitchDB: http://www.twitchdb.tv/votes


Main page

The main page is split up into the following:

Most Viewers - sorts approved streams by most to least viewers

Random - sorts approved streams by random.

Votes - sorts approved streams by most voted on to least voted

Game - sorts approved streams into game directories. you can optionally sort the game directory by most streamers to least, or search for a specific game that is being streamed.

Mature - filters approved streams that have set their Twitch profile as "Mature"

Not Mature - filters approved streams that have not set their Twitch profile as "Mature"

On the main page, you'll see various buttons on each stream panel. They do the following:

View - Opens the Twitch profile in a new tab

Popout - Opens the video feed in a new tab as a Popout

Intro - Opens the streamers TwitchDB intro profile

Tweet - Allows you to tweet out a stream to let your Twitter followers know of a stream they also might enjoy! Opens in a new tab and allows you to edit the tweet as you see fit.

Channel surf

Channel surf is a feature that allows you to load a stream randomly. think of it like cursing TV channels! When a stream is loaded, if you hover your mouse over the video feed, you may notice some stuff in the bottom center that is not part of the normal Twitch player. These are icons that TwitchDB overlays to extend site functionality. In order from left to right, the icons will: Link Twitch Profile, Link the Feedback form, Random button to load a new stream, and a button to vote on a stream you enjoy!

DB search

The database search will help you find streamers. you can search by the streamer's username, or by the games they play. We'll add more options for this in the future. This will search streams that are online or offline.