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Nphysics - Amethyst connector

Don't use. Work in progress. Many things are incomplete!

Currently specific to 3d Nphysics and Amethyst due to Amethyst handling of Transforms and to keep iteration quick, although I currently plan on allowing 3d and 2d nphysics implementations to be used to configuration settings, and both amethyst and plain specs interfaces to be exposed, also behind configuration settings.

System Sequence

I'll update this as I go along.

    • "sync_bodies_to_physics_system" - Synchronize changes to dynamics bodies to physics world
    • "sync_gravity_to_physics_system" - Update gravity of physics world from resource
  1. "sync_colliders_to_physics_system" - Synchronize collision items to physics world
  2. "physics_stepper_system" - Step physics world simulation
  3. "sync_bodies_from_physics_system" - Synchronize physics world changes back to components

Current Roadmap

Full TODO sheet can be found in this nphysics issue

Ongoing work:

  • RigidBody Components
  • External force property [#3]
  • log based logging [#4]
  • Collider Components [#2]
  • Proximity and Contact EventChannels [#2]
  • Force generator inversion of control [#11]
  • Handling Body Activation & Sleeping [#9]
  • Time scale and simulation pausing [#12]
  • Multibody-based Component Joints [#10]


  • Proximity & Curve-based external force utility
  • Constraint-based Joints
  • Kinematics