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Jan 2, 2021

About DWF

DWF is not approved of, by, or affiliated with MITRE. DWF is community project to assign security identifiers that are widely used and compatible with existing systems. We would love it if you joined us!


The DWF welcomes anyone who wishes to engage in the community. Please review our Code of Conduct to understand the expectations of all community members.

In addition to the expectations around conduct, we have the following expectations of our community

  • We expect individuals to be involved in discussions
    • Bots, Service accounts, and Organizations are not welcome to be part of discussions. Discussions are between human individuals to help foster connections and civility
    • Humans speaking on behalf of an organization(s) is welcome
  • We expect human individuals to submit pull requests against policy and documentation. These requests should not come from bots and service accounts
  • Bot and other service accounts are welcome to be used to submit pull requests and open issues against data

Workflow and tools

This repo is for defining workflow policy and storing the tooling to enforce that policy.

For requesting DWF Identifiers (including CAN and CVE compatible Identifiers), please see the project page at

The FAQ can be found here

If you are looking for the actual IDs

If you want to see the tools that drive everything

For all other requests, please file an issue in this repository.


The single most important expectation we have is to involve humans as little as possible. When requesting an ID, we don't want to be slow, and we don't want to rely on humans. At first there will be plenty of human involvement as we work out some of the details. Long term, no human should be involved. Humans are slow and make too many mistakes.


There are multiple workflows that take place.

  1. User requests ID

    • issue has information, urls, etc
    • issue is expected to be correct and reasonable
    • ID is requested via web form
    • We do not have a good process for updating ID data today, we will need this
  2. DWF bot looks for new issue

    • If requester is on the allow list, a DWF Identifier (that may be CAN or CVE compatible) is assigned, the issue is closed
    • If requester is not on the allow list, a CAN is assigned, the issue remains open
  3. A person on the allow list just has to add the "approved" flag

    • Adding a comment is not needed but encouraged
  4. DWF bot looks for CAN IDs that have the approved flag

    • If approver is on the allow list, flip the DWF Identifier from CAN compatible to CVE compatible
    • If approver is not on the allow list, remove the approved label

User approval

  • Submit well formed DWF Identifier requests on a consistent basis
  • Assist with updating and vetting issues
  • ???

Process updates

The DWF is a community. Fundamentally if you want to see a proces or tool improvement, submit an issue or a pull request. The people who do the work decide the future of the community. The future is not decided by whoever is able to "committee harder" during a meeting.

The tools that drive the reqeusts can be found here, patches are always welcome. If you have suggestions or questions, please file an issue.

Where to file issues

Tooling discussion

Please file issues about the tooling in the dwf-request repo:

Contesting/disputing a DWF Identifiers

If you think a DWF Identifier contains an error or isn't valid please file an issue in the dwflist repo:

General discussion of DWF Identifiers and the project

If you want to discuss workflow or the DWF Identifiers project in general please use the dwf-workflow repo: