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#115 Virtual Reality Shopping District (VRS District) - Revolutionizing eCommerce for All #115

crowdedconscious opened this issue Aug 21, 2017 · 7 comments


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@crowdedconscious crowdedconscious commented Aug 21, 2017

Virtual Reality Shopping District

Provide an innovative and highly effective avenue for ecommerce business owners willing to take the leap of faith over to Virtual Reality shopping.

Imagine you're walking through Decentraland and see an eCommerce platform in the form of a massive, luxurious shopping mall. You walk through the automatic doors, into the VR-mall. You don't believe your eyes - this feels exactly like walking into a real life mall where there are various shops showcasing and selling their goods. You walk into clothing shop to check out the merchandise. To your surprise, you're able to try the clothes on to see how they look on you before you buy it, with alternative styles as well.

The example above is just one way that small and large businesses alike can revolutionize the way they sell goods through joining the VRStore District and creating their own Decentraland shop. Considering the limited availability of land in Decentraland - this also becomes a great hub for land owners to rent out their land to business owners who are interested in building their own VR shop for Decentraland traffic to see their products.

This district would effectively tie together a few different important facets of blockchain technology as well as continue to stimulate innovative synergies as the entire District0x projects moves forward.

ENS domains - companies will need something easier that a 42-digit Ethereum address if they want to effectively grow their brand and business. The ENS domain becomes an important branding tool to the company or organization, and how it receives money from customers and patrons, among other things.
I have personally reserved "MoonLand.eth" where I am interested in creating an Ethereum-based community for the Mooncoin Blockchain. Because District0x is such a conducive project for managing and building marketplaces and communities, I see this as the perfect opportunity to provide a home for other blockchain ecosystems to grow. This can be very helpful to the long-term survival of the overarching Ethereum blockchain and is more likely to find integration points with other blockchains with this tactic in play. With the MoonLand District example, I would like to sell Mooncoin apparel to community members.

Just the thought of our Virtual Reality selves within Decentraland, we are going to have an appearance, right? Back when I was gaming hours a day, probably a decade ago now, I would play a lot of MMORPGs, like World of Warcraft. I am making the assumption that we will have our own character appearance, apparel, gadgets, trinkets, etc, and, eventually, be able to scan ourselves and upload it into Decentraland.

Seeing Mooncoin Community Members walking around other parts of Decentraland with Mooncoin shirts, well this gives the Mooncoin Community a better shot at growing with additional community members. Many people are blockchain agnostic as not one blockchain provides all of the needs all of us as unique individuals have.

To wrap up the Moonland District example, this can be applied to any other organization or business or faction. By utilizing the Virtual Reality Shopping District, Moonland leadership has a turn-key option to try on their purchase before they buy it - clothing apparel (VR/real life purchases), hats (ex, astronaut helmet), trinkets, mounts (ex, vehicles/horses/rocket ship ;)), VR furniture, and more. The VRS District will decide how the fees are generated for assisting communities and marketplaces with getting their VR Shop set up to have more effective advertising methods with potentially new community members.


Possibly a better example for this is tying in the use of:

NameBazaar - visual representations of the ENS domains for sale or lease in the marketplace. Can tell a story much better with a visual display of what the ENS domain might be used for or the category they fall into. So when somebody walks into the NameBazaar VR Shop and, let's say, own a casino, they can look for specific categories by seeing a VR poker table as they walk through the shop, among other categories, and know where the casino themed ENS domains are, next to the VR poker table in the shop.

ETHLance - there will eventually be VR jobs. I'm sure somebody has already proposed a district0x job marketplace. Well, VR jobs, architectural design, building management, & even paying others to wear their faction's brand or clothing, will use that job marketplace district ( if it has not been proposed, I will get to that after this.) to find those jobs and gigs. Well, it becomes a lot easier to look at a VR job posting, that is, a demonstration of what's required for the job or gig, before agreeing to it. Reading can be clear, but we in the marketing industry know that pictures and videos are FAR more effective than reading a few paragraphs.

For example, MemeFactory district will be an AWESOME and creative piece to the entire ecosystem, but what does their district look like so far? An ecommerce website where you can purchase Memes? Wouldn't it be way more effective if, even though I might not own a VR house, could walk into a VR MemeFactory, the building, looking at Memes to purchase? This becomes another channel for the MemeFactory district to grow into new verticals. This will also add to the value of memes in the MemeFactory because it's not just a tokenized 2d flat picture file on my computer that I own, but potentially a piece of VR artwork in my Decentraland VR shop or home.

As an entrepreneur, ever since I heard of Decentraland and learned district0x was working together, I have envisioned the radical change of eCommerce. Virtual reality is expected to be over $40B industry and I don't think they have even begun to include this type of conducive environment for growth. The way I see it, district0x and Decentraland become 2 of the most important components to propelling innovation in not just VR tech, but blockchain/crypto, eCommerce, community building, and the way we interact as humans.

Setting up VRS District will provide the turn-key solution for communities and marketplaces to design, create, manage, and expand their existing operations to the VR world. As a startup consultant, MOST of them face a load of friction when it comes to planning for their business. Well, who is going to know more about VR shops - a business owner or VR specialists in the VRS District? VR specialists of course. Please feel free to ask any questions you have about this proposal!

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@Bradymck Bradymck commented Aug 21, 2017

I feel like this will be a lot of things that spring up within the VR space in general, not just decentraland and I feel like if you developed this out further it may be a great bridge between different VR platforms.

I'm a big fan of collaboration and cross pollination. The current platforms that you could do this in are Decentraland, Geekzonia, High Fidelity, VRchat, Altspace, Sansar, and JanusVR. I encourage you to look into them all and see where a cross pollination could occur, I think you could generate a strong network effect if you focused on bridging these platforms.

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@crowdedconscious crowdedconscious commented Aug 22, 2017

@mckmuze - heck yeah man! Thank you so much for the feedback here. One big question - when it comes to building out these district proposals, is this something the district0x leadership team will do? Or the district proposer?

I know on the disitrct0x website is says that we can create our own districts, but when it comes to proposals and say, one that does pass and qualifies for the 500k DNT reward - who builds that district out? The district0x team? Or the person who proposed it?

I totally agree with you about integrating different VR worlds into the district0x VRS District! I think it would be a great idea to start with Decentraland, considering the current relationship, and then after establishing viability to begin branding out to different VR worlds. That's a great idea you have!

Do you see what I mean about revolutionizing ecommerce though? Imagine walking into a store via VR headset and trying on a shirt you would normally buy online and try on at home...dang that would be cool!

Thanks again for the feedback man - not really sure what to do to get my proposals passed though from the proposal submission through to voting.

Do you guys tier approve the proposals internally, and then bring them to the voting block sometime later? Or do proposers need to be driving traffic to the github proposal? Just want to clarify - this could help for other noobs too :)

Also, feel free to take a look at this article I just wrote about the district proposal process and whatnot - brief, but it looks like 10 more proposals came in after I blasted it on Twitter! Let me know when I can come on as a district promoter! ;) haha got 1.7k views last night alone...

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@Bradymck Bradymck commented Sep 6, 2017

@crowdedconscious We would build out the district if it's voted on by the community.

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@Bradymck Bradymck commented Sep 6, 2017

Can I get an eth address for this proposal please?

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@crowdedconscious crowdedconscious commented Sep 28, 2017

Just to let anybody know who sees this district0x proposal:

I grabbed VRSDistrict.eth to use as the Virtual Reality Shopping District Company Registry.

The use of the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains allows the VRS District to implement human-readable names for wallets instead of having to memorize a 42-digit address. This is also a tactic the district0x project used to further secure their Initial Coin Offering, thwarting hackers from being able to successfully duplicate their ICO landing page with a scam address.

Similar to how Aragon grabbed "company.eth" to use for companies utilizing their governance service, we have secured VRSDistrict.eth. Companies registering in VRS District to create their own Virtual Reality eCommerce shop might look like:

  • BusinessName.VRSDistrict.eth
  • CrowdConscious.VRSDistrict.eth

This registry would tie into the district0x district AND the actual Decentraland VR land. I currently have around 20,000 MANA - not enough to get a TON of land, but enough to get a couple plots of land to start off on as the project builds out.

The project is also going to run an ICO if this district wins the DNT voting competition. I'm even willing to speak with the District0x team to see what I can do as far as offering those who supported the vote an extra % bonus on the ICO VR Token issuance. The fund would be used to build out the necessary team, equipment, and system to easily upload some of the most basic company products to a VR Shop.

These might include:

  • Jewelery
  • Shoes
  • Shirts, jackets, clothing
  • Sun glasses/glasses
  • Tools

After gaining traction, we could easily move into doing stuff like:

  • Furniture
  • Bicycles/motorcycles
  • Cars
  • Power/construction equipment/vehicles
  • Guns

Remember, the Virtual Reality Shopping District would be a bridge between Decentraland and District0x project where startups and small business owners could go to receive support in creating (developing/programming/designing/uploading) their own VR Shop that could catch foot traffic from the users walking around the decentralized VR world that is Decentraland.

Yes, it creates a new avenue to attract traffic from online and in a deeper, more connected way while also creating a greater user experience and reducing the number of returns an online business might have. This may not sound like a huge difference, but think about the $3-6 margin on T-shirt sales and the shipping cost.

I'll go further in-depth on this when I get some more time and actually put it in a White Paper format. Feel free to reach out in the Github comments if you're a developer and interested in working on this project!

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@crowdedconscious crowdedconscious commented Jan 8, 2018

VRS District Update! 1/8/2017


The Decentraland Terraform Event has concluded and VRS District has a total of 417 parcels of LAND! This isn't much news if you've been following, but the good news is that we have a plotted location for our district! Right against the Red Light District on the Western side of Genesis City.


Some good news is that I have grabbed a piece of land for 4,000ish MANA up against the Bittrex Tomorrow District.

While going through the auction and losing all of my bids, like most of our community, I realized I wasn't going to get as many parcels of LAND as I had anticipated. So I got creative and started thinking about how other parcels of LAND could be allocated near other districts.

I'm not sure if this will even be something we can do or if the community will think it's valuable - but what do you think about using that parcel of LAND against Bittrex Tomorrow District to create a 'Virtual ATM Building'? This would be a way for users to withdraw or deposit from this ATM to and from their MetaMask account which would be in their browser.

The reason this might not work is that I'm not sure how transactions will be processed over the platform. If we're using Decentraland in-browser, it may already integrate with MetaMask to prompt the transaction from inside of Decentraland at the 'virtual ATM.' Or maybe the Decentraland devs make it so that transactions can be done in-world so that you don't need to interact with your browser. I dk yet and this is something I will be researching.

Anyway, I picked up that parcel of LAND against Bittrex Tomorrow and a couple other parcels - one against VRS District between the Red Light District and another in probably 20 squares East of VRS District.

In order to get in touch with me, please join the Decentraland Rocket.Chat channel and DM me! I'm @CrowdConscious:

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@Bradymck Bradymck commented Jun 18, 2020

Hey @crowdedconscious

I'm not sure if you're aware but we recently launched a new bounty to migrate your proposals to the actual District Registry:

We're replacing the old voting app with the registry. Let me know if you need help but I would love to see you migrate this over so you can claim your DNT.

It does take a 10,000 DNT submit to submit your proposal but this gives you an extra 2000 you can stake in the registry beyond the deposit amount.

Hit me up on Telegram or Discord if you need help or have questions.


PS, please excuse the canned response. I am encouraging everyone here to start migrating so they can claim their 12000 DNT.

This type of idea is finally possible. Would love to chat again. I miss our chit chat.

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