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Ethlance V.2 (Newlance)


Ethlance Version 2 is Currently in Development and is subject to change before final release



  1. Node.js >= 16.15.1
  2. Java JDK >= 18 (for Clojure)
  3. Babashka
  4. PostgreSQL (tested with 14.6)
  5. IPFS daemon
  6. Ethereum testnet (e.g. ganache)

Running the system

  1. Start IPFS
  2. Start ganache
  3. Migrate Solidity contracts to testnet: npx truffle migrate --network ganache --reset
  4. Start server build bb watch-server
  5. Start server (to serve the API) bb run-server
  6. Start UI build bb watch-ui
  • this also starts serving the UI assets & smart contract assets on port 6500

First steps, showing example data

In order for the front-end to be able to have the JWT token (kept in LocalStorage), you must sign a transaction. Currently it can be done manually. Open REPL for UI:

lein repl :connect 54200
(shadow/repl :dev-ui)
(in-ns 'ethlance.ui.event.sign-in)
(re/dispatch [:user/sign-in])
  • this will show a pop up and using MetaMask you can create a transaction
  • after doing this successfully the UI graphql requests will have proper Authorization: Bearer ... header

Then to generate some example data you can use server REPL:

lein repl :connect 54100
(shadow/repl :dev-server)
(in-ns 'tests.graphql.generator)
(generate-for-address "0xafcf1a2bc71acf041c93012a2e552e31026dfeab")
  • for that the test namespace must be included in the server build (e.g. by adding [tests.graphql.generator :as test-data-generator] to ethlance.server.core)
  • alternatively you can submit the data manually through the forms

Tips & troubleshooting

Postgres setup

Start postgres console psql -d postgres

CREATE DATABASE ethlance WITH OWNER ethlanceuser;
-- alternatively if you created the database earlier, give access with:
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES On ethlance TO ethlanceuser;

IPFS Server

Might require additional configuration for CORS if IPFS is running on a different host

ipfs config --json Gateway.HTTPHeaders.Access-Control-Allow-Methods '["PUT", "GET", "POST", "OPTIONS"]'
ipfs config --json Gateway.HTTPHeaders.Access-Control-Allow-Origin '["*"]'
ipfs config --json Gateway.HTTPHeaders.Access-Control-Allow-Headers '["X-Requested-With"]'
ipfs config --json Gateway.Writable true


Anyone is welcome to contribute to the ethlance project, here are some brief guidelines:

  • Make sure to squash your commits
  • Reference issue numbers in your pull request
  • Rebase your changes on upstream (git remote add upstream master before pushing (git pull --rebase upstream master)
  • Make changes in a separate well-named branch in your forked repo like improve-readme

Overview of workflows

Here's a brief overview of the sequence of actions that different user types can take to create, find and arbiter jobs.

  1. User arrives to the home page
  • http://d0x-vm:6500
  • picks which profile to create (freelancer = candidate, employer, arbiter)
  1. This takes the user to the sign-up page
  1. Employer (having first filled in employer data)
  • http://d0x-vm:6500/jobs/new
  • user can create new job by filling in the form
  • creating a new job requires sending a signed transaction together with the initial funds
  • smart contract method Ethlance#createJob is called and a new copy of Job contract gets deployed
  1. In case the employer invited arbiters during job creation /jobs/new
  • First: arbiter must send their quote (how much they want for their service for this job)
    • ... where can they do it (one or more pages)?
    • script helper: tx-workflow-fns-server-repl/set-quote-for-arbitration
  • Second: employer must accept the quote
    • ... where can they do it (one or more pages)?
    • script helper: tx-workflow-fns-server-repl/accept-quote-for-arbitration
  1. Employer can now invite candidates to participate in the new job
  • NB! implement & provide link
  • results in Job#addCandidate contract send
    • script helper: tx-workflow-fns-server-repl/add-candidate
  1. Candidate can search for available jobs
  1. Candidate chooses a job of interest from search results. To work on it, needs to send proposal
  1. All users can view job contract page at
  1. Candidate can create invoices (for any of their jobs)
  1. Candidate can then raise dispute
  • after raising dispute, arbiter can resolve it on the same page (http://d0x-vm:6500/invoices/new)
    • resolving dispute results in tokens getting transferred according to the resolution amount
  1. Employer can pay invoices
  • ... (add link, implement if needed)