Ethlance is the first job market platform built entirely on the Ethereum blockchain. Free to use forever!
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Ethlance is the first job market platform written in ClojureScript and Solidity working completely on the Ethereum blockchain with 0% service fees.

Ethereum Smart Contracts are at /resources/public/contracts/src.

Using Ethlance


  1. Download the MetaMask Chrome extension
  2. Create a wallet and fund it with some Ether
  3. Go on Ethlance

Mist Browser

  1. Download the Mist Browser
  2. Wait for blockchain to download
  3. Fund with Ether
  4. Go on Ethlance

Running on localhost

Following instructions assume you're familiar with the Clojure programming language and have lein installed on your machine.

To start autocompiling smart contracts (requires solc installed):

lein auto compile-solidity

Start testrpc

testrpc --port 8549

Start Clojurescript browser REPL, first start a clojure repl

lein repl

When a clojure prompt is present, type:


The clojurescript repl will appear once you navigate to http:://localhost:6229

See ethlance.el on how to run the above commands in Emacs via ethlance-jack-in and ethlance-start.

Make sure in ethlance.db/default-db you have the following configuration:

:load-node-addresses? true
:node-url "http://localhost:8549"

Visit localhost:6229 in your browser without MetaMask. I use the Chrome Incognito window.

To redeploy all smart contracts, run the following in REPL.

(in-ns '
(dispatch [:reinitialize])

After you see in browser console all contracts have been deployed, refresh the page.

To redeploy only single or few specific smart contracts run:

;; Redeploys and hot swaps EthlanceUser smart contract. No need to refresh page.
(dispatch [:reinitialize [:ethlance-user]])

To build advanced compilation run:

lein clean && lein cljsbuild once min


Anyone is welcome to contribute to the ethlance project, here are some brief guidelines:

  • Squash commits
  • Reference issue numbers in your pull request
  • Rebase your changes on upstream (git remote add upstream master before pushing (git pull --rebase upstream master)
  • Make changes in a separate well-named branch in your forked repo like improve-readme