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DVPE - Extended Programmer Dvorak


DVPE was ported to NEO-extended dvpe, check this, neo-keyboard-layout

Based on Programmer Dvorak Layout

New Geometry: (uppercase letters remaped)

     ; , . K y f g c L Z
     a o e I U d R t S N
     ' q j H x b m w v P


First, see English Letter Frequency Counts, the mostly frequently used letters are: e, t; a, o, i, n; s, r, h, l; d, c, u, m; f, p, ...

On remapped letters:

  • R: 'r' should be in the home row;
  • I, H, K, L: 'i' deserve it! 'h' moved down to index finger lower row, easy to reach; 'k' up, not use it often; 'l' moved left, great!!
  • S, N: I considered a long time, and finally decided to swap 'u' and 's', they are both import, seems no need to swap, but you know, there are much more 'ss' than 'nn', my small finger doesn't like double tap at all!!!
  • U: no where to go, so here

More custom:

I prety like xcape, with it you can do some migic like make Alt_R another Return without losing it's composing behavior


on my blog 为什么程序员需要德沃夏克, written in chinese(if necessary,

use google translate), visualized with Keyboard-Heatmap

How to get it?

Linux: A Simple Shell to do it, reboot and it's resumed (i'm struggling with it now... try some days)

you should set up Programmer Dvorak Keyboard Layout first. Then, check the dvpe.sh

Windows: I made one by "Windows Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4"

download here: dvpe for windows (with guide inside) v0.1 (out of date), this will not be maintained.

I Highly recommend you Neo keyboard layout variants

Sunday, March 02 2014:

I'v had it enough, not going chang it! Even not the best.

All 26 letters settled, and i'm struggling on it. Especially, 'n', 'r', and 'y'.

I'll keep working on modifier keys, like control, shift, alt, mod2-5, etc

road map

fuck windows, i lost the passwd! so windows edition will not be maintained.