Qt4 & Visual Studio 2015 (vc14).
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VS2015 & Qt4


Download modified source that can be build with vs2015: http://whudoc.qiniudn.com/2016/qt-src-4.8.7-vs2015.7z (41.5 MB). This is based on qt official release 4.8.7 (last qt4 release), and patched necessary modifications so that it can be successfully compiled by vc14 (vs2015). The patch is offerred by sandym/qt-patches.

demo build

Download the demo build: http://whudoc.qiniudn.com/2016/vs2015-qt4-playground.zip (14 MB).

14 MB = 13.6 MB of qt4 prebuild (release version only, a tiny qt4!) + 1 demo qt project.

Guide to vs2015-qt4-playground.zip vs2015-qt4-playground.zip 的使用指南
unzip vs2015-qt4-playground.zip 解压 vs2015-qt4-playground.zip
unzip qt4-vs2015x64.7z 解压 qt4-vs2015x64.7z
prepend to %PATH%: path\to\vs2015-qt4-playground\qt4-vs2015x64\bin; path\to\vs2015-qt4-playground\qt4-vs2015x64\bin; 目录添加到环境变量 %PATH% 前面
use cmake-gui to build vs2015 project 用 cmake 生成 vs2015 工程
use vs2015 to open, build (release!), run 用 vs2015 打开、编译(只能编译 release 版本)、运行

make a build

  1. win; 2) search "prompt x64"; 3) open "VS2015 x64 Native Tools Command Prompt".
# download source code at <http://whudoc.qiniudn.com/2016/qt-src-4.8.7-vs2015.7z> (41.5 MB).
mkdir qt-build-4.8.7
cd qt-build-4.8.7
..\qt-src-4.8.7\configure.exe -prefix C:\Qt\VS2015x64\qt-4.8.7 -developer-build -opensource -confirm-license -debug-and-release -no-qt3support -no-multimedia -no-audio-backend -no-phonon -no-phonon-backend -no-libtiff -no-libmng -no-dbus -no-nis -no-webkit -nomake doc -nomake examples -nomake demos -no-gtkstyle -platform win32-msvc2015

remember to copy src\corelib\global\qconfig.h to include\QtCore\qconfig.h.

For details, check out sandym's qt-patches/windows/qt-4.8.7 at master · sandym/qt-patches.


my builds

some builds are small (like the 14 MB vs2015-qt4-playground.zip demo build), some builds are big, like the following ones.

build #1


..\qt-src-4.8.7\configure.exe -prefix C:\Qt\VS2015x64\qt-4.8.7 -opensource -confirm-license -developer-build -debug-and-release -nomake doc -nomake examples -nomake demos -platform win32-msvc2015 -no-qt3support -no-phonon -no-phonon-backend -no-dbus -no-nis -qt-libpng -qt-libjpeg -qt-libmng -no-openssl


http://whudoc.qiniudn.com/2016/qt-4.8.7-vs2015-build1.7z (108 MB).

build #2

(just a static version)


..\qt-src-4.8.7\configure.exe -prefix C:\Qt\VS2015x64\qt-4.8.7 -opensource -confirm-license -developer-build -debug-and-release -static -nomake doc -nomake examples -nomake demos -platform win32-msvc2015 -no-qt3support -no-phonon -no-phonon-backend -no-dbus -no-nis -qt-libpng -qt-libjpeg -qt-libmng -no-openssl


how to use these builds

  1. download a build, let's see qt-4.8.7-vs2015-build1.7z (zipped 108 MB, unzipped: about 951 MB).
  2. unzip it to a dir, let's see c:\vs2015x64, so the <build dir> is c:\vs2015x64\qt-4.8.7
  3. add <build dir>\bin to %PATH%
  4. use cmake to build vs2015 project, then vs2015 to build & run, that's it.