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Exceptions is an AIR Native Extension to enable a global exception handler for iOS and Android.

This will catch and store information about crashes of your application allowing you to process them on the next application run. In using this extension you can report crashes and errors in your application to your own error logging server.


  • Catch exceptions
  • Process exceptions on startup
  • Single API interface - your code works across supported platforms with no modifications
  • Sample project code and ASDocs reference


Latest documentation can be found in the documentation site along with the asdocs.

This extension is very simple in the implementation, having only 2 main functions.

To start catching exceptions you simply call setUncaughtExceptionHandler() at some point at the beginning of your application.


To check if your application crashed previously you use the hasPendingException() function.

if (Exceptions.service.hasPendingException())
	var report:ExceptionReport = Exceptions.service.getPendingException();
	trace( "date: "+    new Date(report.timestamp).toLocaleString() );
	trace( "name: "+ );
	trace( "reason: "+  report.reason );
	trace( "report: "+ );


You can generally only have one exception handler in an application.

So if you are using another library that tracks exceptions (Google Analytics or a bug tracker) then the functionality provided here may not work or may stop the library from working.

You should decide which is the more important method and ensure only one method is used in your application.

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