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Memory is an AIR Native Extension to receive the low memory notifications on iOS which indicate when your application should clear up as much memory as possible to avoid facing termination by the operating system.


  • Low Memory Warning Event
  • Memory Information
  • Single API interface - your code works across supported platforms with no modifications
  • Sample project code and ASDocs reference


Low Memory Warning

This extension is very simple in the implementation, you simply add a listener for the MemoryEvent.LOW_MEMORY_WARNING and respond accordingly.

if (Memory.isSupported)
	Memory.service.addEventListener( MemoryEvent.LOW_MEMORY_WARNING, lowMemoryWarningHandler );

Then in your handler you can respond appropriately, clearing any unnecessary memory usage:

private function lowMemoryWarningHandler( event:MemoryEvent ):void
	trace( "low memory warning" );

Memory Information

You can retrieve some basic information about the current memory statistics using the MemoryInfo class. You retrieve a current version of this by using the getMemoryInfo function:

var info:MemoryInfo = Memory.service.getMemoryInfo();
trace( "available memory = " + info.availableMemory );
trace( "total memory     = " + info.totalMemory );

These values are gathered from the operating system directly which should be more accurate representation than the values reported from System.

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This extension was made possible with support by MovieStarPlanet