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Base image with just enough files to run static binaries!

This image is meant to be used as a base image only, and is otherwise useless. It contains the alpine-baselayout-data package from Alpine, which is just a set of data files needed to support glibc and musl static binaries at runtime.

This image can be used with ko build, docker, etc, but is only suitable for running static binaries.

This image is also regenerated nightly.


Here's an example Dockerfile that builds a Rust static binary and puts it into the static image:

FROM --platform=x86_64 rust:alpine as build

RUN rustup target add x86_64-unknown-linux-musl
RUN echo 'fn main() { println!("Hello Distroless"); }' >
RUN rustc --target x86_64-unknown-linux-musl


COPY --from=build /hello /hello
CMD ["/hello"]

To build and run it:

$ docker build -t rusty-distroless --file examples/Dockerfile.rust .
$ docker run rusty-distroless
Hello Distroless

Note the size!

$ docker images rusty-distroless
REPOSITORY         TAG       IMAGE ID       CREATED         SIZE
rusty-distroless   latest    aff4c01fd4f0   6 minutes ago   6.09MB

And a C static binary:

# syntax=docker/dockerfile:1.4
FROM gcc:latest as build

COPY <<EOF /hello.c
#include <stdio.h>
int main() { printf("Hello Distroless!"); }
RUN cc -static /hello.c -o /hello


COPY --from=build /hello /hello
CMD ["/hello"]

To build and run it:

$ docker build -t c-distroless -f examples/Dockerfile.c .
$ docker run c-distroless
Hello Distroless!

It's even smaller:

$ docker images c-distroless
REPOSITORY     TAG       IMAGE ID       CREATED              SIZE
c-distroless   latest    f3648380711c   About a minute ago   2.88MB

For Go programs, we recommend using ko and setting the defaultBaseImage to


All distroless images are signed using Sigstore. This can be verified using the cosign tool:

$ COSIGN_EXPERIMENTAL=1 cosign verify | jq

Verification for --
The following checks were performed on each of these signatures:
  - The cosign claims were validated
  - Existence of the claims in the transparency log was verified offline
  - Any certificates were verified against the Fulcio roots.
    "critical": {
      "identity": {
        "docker-reference": ""
      "image": {
        "docker-manifest-digest": "sha256:8fa6b48fcdfd3e9392faa6aab2d7f425c971370812e908fc34c85cdda2eaea9e"
      "type": "cosign container image signature"
    "optional": {


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