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Add late-breaking issue to 3.3 Release Notes


Signed-off-by: Roger Sheen <>
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infotexture committed Feb 28, 2019
1 parent 49fbfad commit 3dcef367a622235608f1f82e346c76952a6c82ab
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@@ -293,6 +293,13 @@
define flagging for the corresponding revision values.
<xref href="" format="html" scope="external">#3235</xref>
<li id="3245">The command line syntax for the <cmdname>dita</cmdname>
<parmname>--install</parmname> option has been updated to support the “=” equals sign.
<xref href="" format="html" scope="external">#3245</xref>
<p>Both of the following formats are now supported:
<codeblock><cmdname>dita</cmdname> <parmname>--install</parmname>=<varname>plug-in-zip</varname>
<cmdname>dita</cmdname> <parmname>--install</parmname> <varname>plug-in-zip</varname></codeblock></p>

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