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Merge tag '3.3.3' into develop

DITA-OT 3.3.3

* tag '3.3.3':
  Revise info on LwDITA plug-in update to 2.3.0
  Add info on LwDITA plug-in update to 2.2.2
  Link to № 3336
  Disable № 3316, enable & describe № 3317
  Clarify index entries
  Edit indexterm elements
  Prepare 3.3.3 Release Notes draft
  Bump 'maintenance-version' key to “3.3.3”
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infotexture committed Jul 13, 2019
2 parents ccdc191 + bfffee3 commit bdcaf4cb328926d611c544b598bd0c01c5c3e7eb
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  1. +84 −5 release-notes/index.dita
  2. +1 −1 resources/key-definitions.ditamap
@@ -26,9 +26,89 @@

<reference id="v3.3.2">
<reference id="v3.3.3">
<title>DITA-OT <keyword keyref="maintenance-version"/>
<ph outputclass="small text-muted">released May 28, 2019</ph>
<!--<ph outputclass="small text-muted">released MMMM DD, 2019</ph>-->
<indexterm>HTML5<indexterm>table <xmlatt>headers</xmlatt></indexterm></indexterm>
<indexterm>link processing</indexterm>
<indexterm>Trouble note labels</indexterm>
<indexterm>DITAVAL<indexterm>passthrough action</indexterm></indexterm>
<indexterm>Saxon<indexterm>tables</indexterm><indexterm>screen readers</indexterm></indexterm>
<p>DITA Open Toolkit <keyword keyref="maintenance-version"/> is a maintenance release that includes the
following bug fixes.</p>
<li id="3313">The code that generates <xmlatt>headers</xmlatt> attributes in HTML-based output formats has
been simplified to prevent Saxon crashes when processing complex tables. (These attributes help screen
readers to identify the header cells to which table cells are related.)
<xref href="" format="html" scope="external">#3313</xref>
<li id="3316">For HTML-based output formats, image flag processing has been improved to ensure that flag
images are reliably copied to the correct location(s) in the output directory, regardless of whether the
DITAVAL is outside the map directory, in the map directory, or in a subdirectory of the map location.
<xref href="" format="html" scope="external">#3316</xref>
<li id="3317">In recent (3.x) versions of DITA-OT, flagging information is added before generated links are
created, so any flags on the topic reference are ignored. Processing has been updated to copy flags from the
<xmlelement>topicref</xmlelement> to the links that are generated to point to that topic.
<xref href="" format="html" scope="external">#3317</xref>
<li id="3321">Earlier versions of DITA-OT failed to honor the effective <xmlatt>xml:lang</xmlatt> attribute
value when processing links. This error has been corrected to ensure that the closest language value is
preserved on the generated <xmlelement>linklist</xmlelement>, so locale-based headings such as ”Related
information” are applied correctly.
<xref href="" format="html" scope="external">#3321</xref>
<li id="3322">The strings files for each supported language now include default translations for the “Trouble”
note label that is used for <xmlelement>note</xmlelement> elements with the <xmlatt>type</xmlatt> attribute
set to <codeph>trouble</codeph>.
<xref href="" format="html" scope="external">#3322</xref>,
<xref href="" format="html" scope="external">#3336</xref>
<li id="3325">When generating HTML5 output, DITAVAL files can now preserve profiling attributes by default by
setting the <xmlatt>action</xmlatt> attribute of a <xmlelement>prop</xmlelement> element to
<codeph>passthrough</codeph>. Earlier versions of DITA-OT would only pass values through if the DITAVAL
filter defined matching attribute/value pairs via specific <xmlatt>att</xmlatt> and <xmlatt>val</xmlatt>
<xref href="" format="html" scope="external">#3325</xref>
<li id="3338">The LwDITA plugin has been updated to version 2.3.0 to fix several issues in Lightweight DITA
processing. (Nested lists are now properly generated in Markdown output when list items starts with inline
markup such as bold, or italics. Topic references with the <xmlatt>format</xmlatt> attribute set to
<codeph>html</codeph> will no longer be interpreted as DITA content. LwDITA-specific processing can be
applied to HTML topics by setting the <xmlatt>format</xmlatt> attribute to <codeph>hdita</codeph>.)
<xref href="" format="html" scope="external">#3338</xref>
<p>For additional information on the issues resolved since the previous release, see the
<xref href="" format="html"
scope="external">3.3.3 milestone</xref> and
<xref href="" format="html" scope="external">
changelog</xref> on GitHub.</p>

<reference id="v3.3.2">
<title>DITA-OT 3.3.2 <ph outputclass="small text-muted">released May 28, 2019</ph>
@@ -45,8 +125,7 @@
<p>DITA Open Toolkit <keyword keyref="maintenance-version"/> is a maintenance release that includes the
following bug fixes.</p>
<p>DITA Open Toolkit 3.3.2 is a maintenance release that includes the following bug fixes.</p>
<!-- -->
<li id="2722">Earlier versions of DITA-OT would attempt to download remote media objects referenced via the
@@ -62,7 +141,7 @@
to ensure that the OASIS namespace is used when generating the <filepath>catalog-dita.xml</filepath> file.
<xref href="" format="html" scope="external">#3284</xref>,
<xref href="" format="html" scope="external">#3287</xref>
<note>DITA-OT <keyword keyref="maintenance-version"/> still ships with <keyword keyref="tool.saxon.edition"/>
<note>DITA-OT 3.3.2 still ships with <keyword keyref="tool.saxon.edition"/>
<keyword keyref="tool.saxon.version"/>, but now also works with version</note>
<li id="3304">In PDF output, the bitmap warning icon has been replaced with the SVG image previously added for
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
<keydef keys="maintenance-version">

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