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This release reflects the first attempt to make the EPUB, HTML5, and HTML2 transforms work with Open Toolkit 2.4. The transforms appear to run correctly.

NOTE: These transforms will only work with OT 2.4 (and maybe later releases). They will not work with OT 1.8.5 as they depend on the new OT HTML5 transform and other OT 2.x-specific changes.

Migrating the code was much easier than I expected--I had to remove a few XSLT things that are simply not in the 2.4 HTML5 code base, replaced uses of getString with getVariable and updated a couple of template overrides where the overridden templates had changed.

The other change was to simply remove the use of the DITA Community preprocessing extensions, which neither work with OT 2.x nor should be necessary given new features to ensure result topic uniqueness. However, the base OT may need a bit of enhancement to really do topic uniqueness completely and correctly.

If you do not have any reused topics then it's no problem at all. If you do have reused topics there may be issues with EPUB generation in that you can end up with multiple references to the same HTML result file, which is a violation of EPUB3 rules (although readers don't seem to mind).

Assets 7

This release adds several enhancements to the Word2DITA transform:

  • Word2DITA issue 19: Provide way to generate arbitrary attributes through the style-to-tag map
    Adds a new subelement, <additionalAttributes>, to <paragraphStyle> and <characterStyle>, with which you can specify any additional attributes for the directly-generated result element.
  • Word2DITA issue 20: Provide way to set language on style-to-tag map.
    The <paragraphStyle>, <characterStyle>,<mapProperties>, and <topicProperties> elements allow a new attribute, @langAttValue, that specifies the value to use for the @xml:lang attribute on the elements directly generated for those styles. For maps and topics, the value specified on @langAttValue overrides the language specified by the w2d.language Ant parameter (which defaults to "en-US").
  • Word2DITA issue 21: Put generated maps through final-fixup mode
    Generated maps are now processed in mode "final-fixup" just as topics are, making it easier to adjust the details of generated maps.
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This release adds additional functionality to the EPUB transformation type's support for embedded fonts. It is now possible to automatically generate a CSS file that contains @font-face rules for each font specified in the font manifest specified at run time.

Also fixed an issue with the specification of user CSS files at runtime. The EPUB transform now correctly uses the normal arg.csspath parameter to specify the location within the generated EPUB for the user-specified CSS. Also added a new parameter, epub.copy.system.css, to enable not including the OT-provided CSS files in the EPUB.

No other changes to the other transforms. Updating the release packages for convenience.

NOTE: This version works, or at least doesn't fail, with OT 2.1.1 but may or may not work with later 2.x versions. General support for 2.x is still an open action item.

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Fixes a bug in the EPUB transform where uppercase font filenames caused fonts to be copied to the wrong directory in the EPUB.

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Fixes issue with DITA2InDesign where turning debugging on could result in XSLT failure on attempt to write result file while already writing a result file.

Fixes issue with generation of HTML5 navigation links when entire map is chunked to content.

@drmacro drmacro released this Aug 31, 2015 · 45 commits to master since this release

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Fixes a subtle bug in common.html that caused tab characters to produce paired single quotes instead of spaces. Other small fixes for HTML5 transform.

[UPDATE: Added fix for html5 plugin issue #54]

[UPDATE: Added fix for html5 plugin issue #55]

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This release reflects fixes to the dita-community/org.dita-community.adjust-copy-to plugin, which was not correctly handling the map document through the adjustment process and was not properly setting the @copy-to attribute or using @Keys properly when the use-nav-keys option was turned on.

In addition, the common.html code for determining result HTML filenames was not taking @copy-to into account, so whether you specified @copy-to directly in your map or used the adjust-copy-to plugin to do it for you, the HTML generated from the HTML2, HTML5, EPUB, and Kindle plugins did not reflect the copy-to values.

This update should now correctly do copy-to adjustment and should correctly reflect copy-to values in the generated HTML files.

See the dita-community/org.dita-community.adjust-copy-to documentation for details on how to control copy-to value adjustment, including using @Keys to set the copy-to value.

Also includes a small enhancement to the Word2DITA transform to avoid issues when the root topic name parameter is not specified in the Ant script or to the XSLT transform.