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A simple logging solution for output to files, stdout and syslog. Does exactly what it should and no more.


Based on configuration options, the following code could automatically send the log message to stdout, file AND syslog.

logger.log("Feeling like a champ");

Or we could be more specific and output to a file, stdout and stderr:

.error("This goes out to error.log")                    // Outputs "ERROR: This goes out to error.log"
.stderr("This goes out to stderr")                      // Outputs "This goes out to stderr"
.stdout("This goes out to stdout");                     // Outputs "This goes out to stdout"

And we can the standard debug(), info(), warn(), error():

.warn("This goes out to warn.log")          // Outputs "WARN: This goes out to warn.log"
.info("This goes out to info.log")          // Outputs "INFO: This goes out to info.log"
.debug("This goes out to debug.log")            // Outputs "DEBUG: This goes out to debug.log"

See test.js for more examples.

Syslog settings

See ain's documentation for valid values of tag, facility and hostname

It worked fine on Fedora 15's rsyslogd, although I needed to turn on UDP in /etc/rsyslog.conf:

$ModLoad imudp
$UDPServerRun 514

Dependencies & Licensing

simplelogger is licensed under the erstwhile MIT license.

Uses ain from (installation through npm has ain as a dependency) Uses colors.js from (bundled in here)