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# Support library
import random
import time
# Not the best practice, but it suffices for our needs
startTime = 0
endTime = 0
# Returns a list of random numbers
def getDataSource(x=1000000):
data = range(0,x)
return data
def swap(data, i, j):
x = data[j]
data[j] = data[i]
data[i] = x
return data
def checkSorted(data):
j = data[0]
for i in data[1:]:
if (i-j) == 1:
j = i
return False
return True
def startTiming():
global startTime
startTime = time.time()
def endTiming():
global startTime, endTime
endTime = time.time()
return endTime - startTime
def checkLength(x, y):
if len(x) != len(y):
return False
return True