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Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit

This package is intended to allow easy creation of new blockchain projects based on Nxt, satisfying the requirements of the Jelurida Public License version 1.1 for the Nxt Public Blockchain Platform.

This is a starter kit for developers, not for end users. If you just install it and run it, you will get a blockchain with no tokens, no accounts, and no peers configured. To actually start a new blockchain using this kit, at least the genesis block parameters and accounts must be defined in conf/data/genesisParameters.json and conf/data/genesisAccounts.json.

Edit the genesisParameters.json file to define the timestamp of the genesis block for your new blockchain (epochBeginning), and the public key of the genesis account (genesisPublicKey).

The genesisAccounts.json file, and genesisAccounts-testnet.json for testnet, should contain the list of accounts to be created in the genesis block of the new blockchain, and their corresponding balances and public keys. The supplied genesisAccounts.json file is empty. To generate such a file containing both new user accounts, and the accounts of NXT holders from the Nxt public blockchain, you must use the JPLSnapshot utility from the Nxt Reference Software (NRS) v1.11.8 or later.

Using the JPLSnapshot NRS add-on

Download and install the latest Nxt package from the Jelurida repository:

Enable the JPLSnapshot add-on in conf/ by setting:


Make sure your node is configured as full node (not light client), and let it download the full blockchain.

The add-on downloadJPLSnapshot API should be available under:


Below is the documentation for how to use this API:

The downloadJPLSnapshot API can be used to generate a genesis block JSON for a clone to satisfy the JPL 10% sharedrop requirement to existing NXT holders.

This utility takes a snapshot of account balances and public keys on the Nxt blockchain as of the specified height, scales down the balance of each account proportionately so that the total of balances of sharedrop accounts is equal to 10% of the total of all balances, and merges this data with the supplied new genesis accounts and balances.

Note that using a height more than 800 blocks in the past will normally require a blockchain rescan, which takes a few hours to complete. Do not interrupt this process.

Request parameters

newGenesisAccounts - a JSON formatted file containing all new account
public keys and balances to be included in the clone genesis block

height - the Nxt blockchain height at which to take the snapshot


A JSON formatted file, genesisAccounts.json, containing all public keys,
new accounts and sharedrop accounts, and their initial balances, which
should be placed in the conf/data directory of the clone blockchain.

Input file format

The input file should contain a map of account numbers to coin balances, and a list of account public keys. Account numbers can be specified in either numeric or RS format. Supplying the public key for each account is optional, but recommended. Forging requires a public key, so the accounts that are going to forge the first blocks of the blockchain must have their public keys in the file. Here is an example input file, which allocates 300M each to the accounts with passwords "0", "1" and "2", for a total of 900M to new accounts, resulting in 100M automatically allocated to existing NXT holders:

    "balances": {
         "NXT-NZKH-MZRE-2CTT-98NPZ": 30000000000000000,
         "NXT-X5JH-TJKJ-DVGC-5T2V8": 30000000000000000,
         "NXT-LTR8-GMHB-YG56-4NWSE": 30000000000000000
     "publicKeys": [

The generated genesisAccounts.json file should be placed in the conf/data directory for the new blockchain package, replacing the existing empty file. Changes in genesisAccounts.json are applied only when blockchain is started from scratch, i.e. previous database is missing.

There are multiple other customizations that should be made for the newly created Nxt clone, such as changing the default peer ports in nxt/peer/, defining default peers in, changing the coin name and software name in nxt/, customizing the UI, etc. Such customization work should be done by a competent developer, and is beyond the scope of this document.


CC14 - an utility coin uses by project diti, an anti-counterfeiting solutions built on the concept of blockchain based proof-of-ownership/authenticity.







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