A StrongLoop Loopback framework connector for the Riak database.
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Riak connector for loopback-datasource-juggler. This adapter is based on the official Basho Riak client library.

This adapter makes heavy use of Yokozuna, the Solr-backed search features of Riak 2. It probably won't work with Riak 1.x at all.

Yokozuna support means that you get crazy fast full-text searches that scale and shard transparently across your Riak nodes.


  • Riak 2.x with Riak Search 2.0 enabled
  • Node.js v0.12+
  • Relational queries aren't in your technical requirements. Use a relational database. If so, Loopback supports multiple datasources, so maybe mix and match?

Customizing Riak configuration

The Riak connector can be configured much like any other Loopback connector using the datasources JSON files.

Example datasources file

  "db": {
    "name": "db",
    "connector": "riak",
    "host": [
    "node_config" : {           //optional riak node config
      "maxConnections": 128,
      "minConnections": 1,
      "idleTimeout": 10000,
      "connectionTimeout": 3000,
      "requestTimeout": 5000,
      "cork": true

Riak-oriented model configuration

Your Loopback models can provide some Riak-specific configuration options. Here's an example of specifying the Yokozuna index to use for the attribute, if the index name is different than the attribute name:

  "last_name": {
    "type":     "string",
    "required": true,
    "riak": {
      "yzField": "lname"

Things that aren't implemented yet

  • bucket types
  • 'include' filter support is experimental
  • relational features such as hasMany, belongsTo, hasManyAndBelongsTo, are not supported as Riak is not a relational database (there is a chance they will work, but they are not tested)


  • Some things that are normal in other databases are expensive with Riak and this connector doesn't try to hide any of that, although it does try to take the shortest path (like looking up by key whenever possible.)
  • Yokozuna / Riak Search 2.0 indexes are currently challenging to migrate. The Riak team have been promising tooling to make this easier for a while now. https://github.com/basho/yokozuna/issues/130

Release notes

  • 1.1.0 Added additional node config params to data source & updated dependency packages.
  • 1.0.0 Currently in production over at Dittach. Tests are passing.
  • 0.1.x Improvements to test coverage, feature support, Node v0.12+ support.
  • 0.0.x Proof-of-concept releases


Tests pulled in from the Loopback test suite. These tests hit the database and they're written in a very SQL-oriented, ACID way that makes testing eventually consistent databases really difficult. As a result we had to put a bunch of delays statements in the tests to accomodate for Riak's eventual consistency in things like populating indexes, etc. This unfortunately makes the test suite very slow.

While we've done our best to reset the state each time the tests are run, the recommendation is to nuke your Riak data entirely before running these tests with a rm -rf. That directory is usually /var/lib/riak on Linux.

$ mocha --timeout 60000