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Serverless S3 assets

Sometimes you have some fixed assets that need to be uploaded to S3, such as images or css files. This plugin will do that, and delete the assets when you run serverless remove.

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How to use

To use this, you'll need to specify the files to copy to your bucket. You do this in serverless.yml:

  - serverless-s3-assets

      bucket: ${self:custom.shared.s3Bucket}
      isPublic: false
      cacheTime: 300
      contentType: text/html
        cacheTime: 20

The test-html is the relative folder name of the files to upload to the bucket. The possible options available are:

  • bucket: Only available to use on the root folder. This defines the name of the bucket to upload these files to.
  • acl: Set this to a specific, valid ACL setting.
  • isPublic: set this to true or false to override any ACL setting. True is the same as public-read and false is the same as private.
  • cacheControl: Any cache control settings.
  • cacheTime: This overrides any existing cache-control settings and sets a max-age for the file.
  • contentType: default type of content we're uploading, if not obvious. Plugin will try to derive the type from file extention first.
  • metadata: Any extra metadata to upload.

Any other options specified will be treated as sub-folder names, like templates above. This also shows you how to have sub-folders with different settings. By default, all files and folders within the specified root folder name will be uploaded with the same options as that root folder.


The code will trigger automatically during a serverless deploy and serverless remove.

You can also carry out S3 deployment or removal independent from stack deployments:

sls s3deploy

sls s3remove

If you have defined multiple assets (folders) you can limit the action to a single one:

sls s3delpoy --asset test-html


Make sure you don't add any additional files to your bucket that you're specifying in s3Assets. If you do and then run serverless remove then those additional files will also be removed.


You don't need any special permissions for your Lambda as the code is run by Serverless instead.


Uploads requested assets to S3 as part of Serverless deploy



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