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vi-turing - vi is Turing complete!

vi-turing is a Turing Machine interpreter written in form of vi keyboard macros. This proves that - given enough scratch space - vi macros are Turing complete!


  • Open in your favorite vi (ex-vi, nvi, elvis, vim are currently supported).
  • Load's macros: ESC :source % RETURN
  • Initialize: \I
  • Run: \\

Lessons learned

The following quirks of different vi versions were encountered during development of this:

  • In ex-vi, you cannot yank from within a nontrivial macro. Example: :map \a yl, :map \\ \ap -> beep, "p" will not paste anything.
  • In ex-vi, you cannot paste from any register other than the default one from within a macro. Example: :map \\ "ayl"ap -> "Can't put partial line inside macro".
  • In elvis, @@ only executes unnamed registers. "ayl@@ does not work there.
  • In ex-vi, you cannot use marks from within a nontrivial macro.
  • vi implementations do not agree on where the cursor is put after pasting from a register.
    • ex-vi: last character of the paste.
    • nvi: first character of the paste.
    • elvis: last character of the paste.
    • vim: last character of the paste.