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Welcome to the d2 wiki! The diva distribution is a distribution of OpenSim that contains a pre-configured hypergrided standalone server that you can run in your home or on a server somewhere. It contains the standard OpenSim plus a few addons that support more features, and a few tools that make the process of running and upgrading your virtual world a bit easier.

The binary packages can be found here.

To install, please see Installation

See Addons for information about additional features of D2

To run OpenSim you need a computer running Linux or Windows with a good-size memory (>1G).

To access other worlds on the Hypergrid you need an externally visible IP address or domain name (preferred).

This is an independent distribution configured in a special way. Upgrades to this distribution should be done with the Upgrade tool that is included. Manual upgrades from the canonical OpenSim distribution, or any others, will likely break.

This distribution is available as-is; there are neither guarantees nor support beyond the included documentation. Please read the license.

For issue reports, please use http://github.com/diva/d2/issues

For news, please follow me on Twitter

The diva distro does not maintain email lists or registrations. If you want to keep in touch, receive notifications of new releases, etc., the best way is to follow me on Twitter, or visit my Twitter page regularly.

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