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Dotfiles for Khan Academy website developers. Originally extracted from David's dotfiles, with commits and lines here and there stolen from Jamie, Desmond, and others.

A lot of what's here is Khan Academy-specific:

  • Vim filetype plugins conforming to Khan Academy's style guide
  • tell ack to skip crap that the deploy script litters (eg. combined/compressed CSS/JS files)
  • Kiln authentication stuff
  • a JS pre-commit linter

and the rest of it just contains generally useful things, such as

  • having hg pipe commands with large output to less
  • useful Mercurial aliases and extensions such as shelve (similar to git stash) and record (similar to git add -p && git commit)
  • handy git aliases such as git graph

This is meant to complement the dev setup on the Khan Academy Forge.


Clone this repo into your home directory and then run make in the cloned directory.

cd ~
git clone git://
cd khan-dotfiles

This will symlink all the dotfiles in the khan-dotfiles directory to your home directory. It will not overwrite any of your existing dotfiles but will emit a warning if it failed to symlink a file.

Have a look through the .hgrc to try out what the aliases and extensions do, and continue with the rest of the developer setup to install some scripts that the .hgrc here relies on.

To benefit from the .ackrc here, install ack, which is basically a faster, more configurable grep -r that ignores directories like .git and displays the results nicely.

Also, install autojump if you're a frequent user of the terminal to navigate the filesystem.

TODO(david): Automate all this in the Makefile.


It's 3 am and I need to sleep so I can wake up and help our four interns starting later this morning to get set up, so there's a lot of stuff missing. Pull requests are welcome!