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Calculator Swift License

How to use the Calculator

The calculator uses post-fix notation – first the arguments, then the operator. Arguments are integers or lists, see below. For example, 5 12+ applies the operator + to the arguments 5 and 12, giving 17 as result. White space between 5 and 12 is necessary to separate the integers from each other. Post-fix expressions are evaluated using a stack. Arguments are simply pushed onto the stack, operators take arguments from the stack and push results onto the stack. For example, 15 2 3 4+*- is evaluated to 1: First, the four numbers are pushed onto the stack, then the evaluation of + takes 3 and 4 from the top of the stack and pushes 7 onto the stack, the evaluation of * takes 2 and 7 from the stack and pushes 14 onto the stack, and finally - takes 15 and 14 from the stack and pushes 1 onto the stack. Data enclosed in parentheses represent lists. A list is evaluated when applying the operator a to it. For example, (2*) is a list. When evaluating 4 3(2*)a+, first 4, 3 and (2*) are pushed onto the stack, then a takes the list from the stack and causes its contents to be evaluated by pushing 2 onto the stack and applying * to 3 and 2, and finally + adds 4 and 6. Hence (2*)a doubles the integer on top of the stack.


The calculator is preloaded with a programm in register zero that prints a welcome message an then asks for user input which is then executed and the stack is printed to stdout. The calculator then asks for user input again until the calculator is exited

In register two are some basic tests which can be executed with 2ra.

In register three is a programm for prime factorization wich can be executed with {NUMBER} 3ra eg. 63 3ra wich will print 3 3 7 which are the prime factors of 63


This project uses Swift. To install Swift follow the instructions on


To use Xcode with this project simply run this command to generate a Xcode project file

swift package generate-xcodeproj

Other platforms

To build and run the project a script is provided in the root directory of the project.


This builds and then runs the Calculator.


πŸ”’ A programmable calculator made with Swift





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