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title: Streams
<h2>svn-fe options (recently updated on list)</h2>
<p> [v1] <a href=""></a>
(svn-fe-options_v4) </p>
<p> [v2] <a href=""></a>
(svn-fe-options_v5) </p>
<p> [v3] <a href=""></a>
(svn-fe-options_v7) </p>
<h2>git-remote-svn (wip)</h2>
<p> [v1] <a href=""></a>
(remote-svn-alpha) </p>
<p> [v2] <a href=""></a>
(remote-svn-alpha_v2) </p>
<h2>fast-import cache oe more (needs work)</h2>
<p> Should go along with a stream that needs it. Also v1 has a bug for 'missing' blob and cat_blob.</p>
<p> [v1] <a href=""></a>
(fi_cache) </p>
<h2>fast-import commit from null_sha1 (recently updated on list)</h2>
<p> [v1/RFC] <a href=""></a>
(fi_from_null) </p>
<h2>fast-import note deletion (recently updated on list)</h2>
<p> [RFC] <a href=""></a> </p>
<h2>fast-import pack_id corner cases (recently updated on list)</h2>
<p> [v1] <a href=""></a>
(fi_pack_id) </p>
<h2>fast-import root operations (recently updated on list)</h2>
<p> [v1] <a href=""></a>
(fi_root_ops) </p>
<h2>[RFC] plumbing git-notes (needs ping)</h2>
<p> [request] <a href=""></a> </p>
<h2>vcs-svn: change mode, keep content (recently updated on list)</h2>
<p> [v1] <a href=""></a>
(svn-fe_delta_chmode) </p>
<h2>fast-import empty branch bugs (in master)</h2>
<p> [v1] <a href=""></a>
(fi_reset_branch) </p>
<h2>parse-options.o deps reduce (in master)</h2>
<p> [v1,2] <a href=""></a>
(parse-options_split, parse-options_split_v2) </p>
<p> [v3] <a href=""></a>
(parse-options_split_v4) </p>
<h2>fast-import delta corruption (in master)</h2>
<p> Tested, but still needs a small testcase. </p>
<p> [report] <a href=""></a> </p>
<p> [v1] <a href=""></a>
(fi_delta_bug) </p>
<p> [v2] <a href=""></a>
(fi_delta_bug_v2, fi_delta_bug_v3, fi_delta_bug_v4, fi_delta_bug_v5) </p>
<h2>speedup fast-import(in master)</h2>
<p> [v1] <a href=""></a>
(fi_speedup) </p>
<h2>fast-import: tag blob by sha1 (in master)</h2>
<p> [v1] <a href=""></a>
(fi_tag_sha1) </p>
<h2>fast-import documentation tweaks (in master)</h2>
<p> [v1,v2] <a href=""></a>
(fix_docs) </p>
<p> In master except for import-marks-if-exists that needs a little bit of work. </p>
<p> [v3] <a href=""></a>
(fix_docs_v4) </p>
<h2>ident format (in master)</h2>
<p> [v1] <a href=""></a>
(fi_fixes) </p>
<p> [v2] <a href=""></a>
(fi_fixes_v2) </p>
<h2>typo existant (in master)</h2>
<p> [v1] <a href=""></a> </p>
<p> [v2 part 1] <a href=""></a>
(typo_existant_reroll, typo_existant_reroll_fixup) </p>
<p> [v2 part 2] <a href=""></a>
(typo_existant_git_gui) </p>
<p>[v2 part 2] (git-gui part) is not in master, but it is just one occurence in a script comment.</p>
<h2>export GIT_DIR to helpers (in master)</h2>
<p> [v1] <a href=""></a> </p>
<h2>clone detached HEAD (in master)</h2>
<p> [report] <a href=""></a> </p>
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