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My config files for my favorite programs
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.config Fix uzbl config (X clip)
.irssi Add: irssi config file
.local Fix uzbl config (X clip)
.ncmpcpp Add: ncmpcpp config file
.ssh Add: oopsie
.vim.old Vim new config
.vim Disable auto-wrap + display 80th col
.xmonad XMonad: Use xterm as default VTE
.zsh.d/rc.d add hammertime alias
kernel-config enable realtek pci e-card reader
.Xdefaults XTerm: treat URL as words for easier selection
.bash_gitprompt Add: Git-specific prompt when in a repo
.bashrc.gentoo Fix: Wrong filename -_-
.bashrc.ubuntu Add: Ubuntu basrc
.gitconfig Update git config (new aliases)
.gitignore Ignore vim bundle dir
.gitignore_global Update gitconfig
.goobookrc Add: New email config
.muttrc Add: New email config
.notmuch-config Add: New email config
.offlineimaprc Add: New email config
.vimperatorrc Add: .vimperatorrc file. (bépo specific remapping + quick pin / unpin…
.vimrc Add idris-vim plugin
.vimrc.bepo Add: bépo-specific keyboard mappings for vim
.wpa_supplicantrc Add: Eduroam config
.xinitrc New wallpaper
.xmobarrc Add date to xmobar display zone
.zsh_aliases Add: ZSH config files.
.zsh_autocomp Add: ZSH config files.
.zshrc zsh: add texlive to the path
README.rst Add: First commit


My dotrc files

Here are the config files I use for my favorite programs.

It contains lots of snippets from everywhere, and I failed to keep track of their origins, so I can't give credits to the authors ( :-/ )

You're free to play around with all this stuff, but don't blame me if you break something :)

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