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Latest commit a5d59b3 @paulirish paulirish Merge pull request #75 from tchalvak/master
  hgroup: Simpler semantics section on taglines now that hgroup is dropped.
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examples Add to pull request #49
f Update Essays 1743
fonts-original upgrade to latest version of all fonts
i Cleanup images
j - Improved legacy browsers support
mockups original Balsamiq Mockups files for images in new introduction
s sounds for sample game
sounds-original sounds for sample game
util minimization fiddling [closes issue 3]
.htaccess Changed instances of ".manifest" to ".appcache"
CNAME adding cname file to display repo at
LICENSE Lawyer up
Makefile Changed instances of ".manifest" to ".appcache"
about.html Geolocation update
canvas.html Update a URI on radial gradients.
detect.html - Some links were broken #51
everything.html Cleanup
extensibility.html replaces old links to with the canonical links, in extensibil…
favicon.ico added favicon
forms.html -Some links are broken #68
geolocation.html issue #70: geoSuccess/geoError vs geo_success/geo_error
history.html IE 10 and Android 4.2 browser support history API
index.html add Facebook meta
introduction.html Cleanup
legal.html Geolocation update
mobile.css Cleanup
offline.html Added explanation about the changing of the appcache file extension
past.html Two broken links fixed.
peeks-pokes-and-pointers.html Cleanup
robots.txt it's alive
screen.css @font-face documentation
semantics.html hgroup: Simpler semantics section on taglines now that hgroup elemen…
storage.html fix and remove some broken links
table-of-contents.html Cleanup
video.html fix and remove some broken links
workers.html Cleanup
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