Player framework for Phosphor encoded video content
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#Welcome to Phosphor# This project contains the Phosphor Framework, which is the javascript toolset used to display compositions created by Phosphor.

The framework loads each of the raw image files for the composition, and draws individual 8x8 pixel blocks to the canvas using instructions from a JSON atlas. Timing (frame duration) is also included in the atlas.

Additional details on the callbacks available within the framework can be found in the Phosphor support materials.

This framework is designed to operate as a standalone library, without any external dependencies on other javascript frameworks (jQuery, etc).

#Contact Us# The Phosphor Framework is relatively straightforward, and should be easy to customize by developers looking for functionality not available out of the box. We'd love to see what you build - send us your questions/results at or fork the framework on GitHub.

#Contributors# This project uses the git flow branching model.