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Simple PHP framework / CMS system / Make any kind of website
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\____|\___/ ____/\____|_|  _|_____/  


CosCMS is a simple modular framework for building web application.

Modules are distrubuted as profiles, and a few is included in the main package. E.g. a simple CMS system (with epub, mobi and pdf export options using pandoc) and a blogging system.

Easy to use, administer, and extend with modules (web- and shell modules, and templates). Export websites as simple profiles - which then can be build using the shell and git.

You will need PHP >= 5.3, Apache, and a MySQL database.

Tested with Apache2 on Debian systems, and Windows. Should work anywhere, even though it is build on Debian systems.


Main site

Demo Site

Login with admin / admin. A simple demo with a blog (blog module), and a CMS (content module) and a comment module (comment), and a few more modules.

One package install

Intended for people who could not care about a shell command. It is the system which runs the demo.

Package install

Dependencies when building:


Build Install Linux / Unix

Ubuntu / Debian / Linux Install


Windows apache2 easy server setup



Web Module

Shell Module Guide


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