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Domain module

The domain module is a simple module for adding user specified domains into an apache2 configuration and then reload the site once in a while via e.g. a cron job

Used in conjunction with siteclone you will have a full web hosting platform, where user can sign up for a subdomain. With the domain module the users will be able connect any domain with their subdomain.

e.g. you have 

With siteclone a user will make a site called

Then with domain module the user will be able to make a site called

Apache2 Conf

In your top level domain use something like this:

include /home/dennis/apache.conf

This will include a file were we define all our ServerAlias

The exact placement of this file is set in domain.ini. E.g.:

domain_apache2_serveralias_file = "/home/dennis/apache.conf"

You will need to add a system cron line that reloads apache2 once in a while. And you need to have a user cron job that recreates the ServerAlias File. The recreation is done with the commandline tool, e.g.:

./ domain --up

Like this as a cron line (every hour in the 30th minute):

30 * * * * php /home/dennis/www/ domain --up

You will off course also want a reload of apache2. Place the following in /etc/crontab

35 * * * * root /etc/init.d/apache2 restart > /dev/null 2>&1