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a jQuery branch/re-write of WMD Editor
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Original NOTE From tstone's fork

This is a fork of drobbins WMD for Stackoverflow. It has been modified quite extensively. The original wmd.js has been replaced by jquery.markedit.js which implements customization, a public api, configurability, and internationalization.

Please see the wiki for installation, configuration, and documentation:

Note about this fork

Inline images

This is almost the same as tstones fork with a couple of exceptions.

tstones markdown editor uses this style when writing the markdown:

![The nightwatch by rembrandt][1]Nice painting.

![some alt title][2]

  [1]: /image/download/61/TheNightwatchbyRembrandt.jpg
  [2]: /image/download/65/coscms.jpg

It is confusing for many a user if I want to add a image or link between the above two images (the markeditor is not intelligent enough to insert another id between the two ids).

I also thinks this is easier when you have a document where you have e.g. a 100 links.

Therefor I added a method called $.fn.markeditSetLinkOrImageInline which will out put the links and images in the this way:

![The nightwatch by rembrandt](/image/download/61/TheNightwatchbyRembrandt.jpg)
![alt text](/image/download/65/coscms.jpg)

You can use this in the following way:

In the toolbar you just use link_inline instead of link and image_inline instead of image. like this:

            'preview': 'below',
            'toolbar' : {
                'layout' : 'bold italic | link_inline quote code image_inline | numberlist bulletlist heading line',


There is an example in jquery-markedit/examples/inline-image-links.html

Local uploaded images

The tstone forks has a nice example with loading of images with flikr. I have made an example where you load images from local database.

You can see the source in jquery-markedit/assets/markedit-local-images.js

It is much the same as the flikr example but just calls a /rpc.php and get images info from here.


This is also the default wysiwyg in the CosCMS: It can be loaded like this if the jquery-markedit module is installed:

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