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default system module for coscms
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CosCMS System module

  • Provides a system administration menu as a top block displaying all admin menu links.
  • Provides updates to the SQL core of the CosCMS (modules, menus, system).
  • Sorting of menu module menu items
  • Installing and uninstall of modules


; who are allowed to use the system module
system_allow = "admin"
; which modules can be administered with the system module
; install and unnstall
system_modules_extra[0] = "comment"
system_modules_extra[1] = "rss"
system_modules_extra[2] = "addthis"
system_modules_extra[3] = "gallery"
system_modules_extra[4] = "blog"
system_modules_extra[5] = "google_analytics"
system_modules_extra[6] = "tags"
system_modules_extra[7] = "account_profile"
system_modules_extra[8] = "share"
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