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+ This file was generated by Dashcode and is covered by the
+ license.txt included in the project. You may edit this file,
+ however it is recommended to first turn off the Dashcode
+ code generator otherwise the changes will be lost.
+ */
+var localizedStrings = {
+ "Description:": "Description:",
+ "Done": "Done",
+ "Error loading the Maps API.": "Error loading the Maps API.",
+ "Error while retrieving the map information.": "Error while retrieving the map information.",
+ "Get a Key": "Get a Key",
+ "Hybrid": "Hybrid",
+ "Loading…": "Loading…",
+ "Map": "Map",
+ "Map title shows here ": "Diverso Geo Map",
+ "Only show markers that contain:": "Only show markers that contain:",
+ "Please specify a Maps API Key in the Widget Attributes.": "Please specify a Maps API Key in the Widget Attributes.",
+ "Read more…": "
+ "Satellite": "Satellite",
+ "The source document could not be processed.": "The source document could not be processed.",
+ "Title:": "Title:"

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