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Welcome to the DIVERSUS wiki!

DIVERSUS is an open source project (GPL 3) organised by a german association DIVERSUS e.V.i.G. We want to build up a graphical search engine for accelerated knowledge building or in other words: a human collective cognition system.

You find our homepage here.

Mariusz Kreft and Martina Camilleri are describing in fall 2018 the "attraction center approach" of DIVERSUS in order to dissolve the predominant "echo chamber structure" of the current internet.

In our White Movie from early 2018 you can watch a video mockup of the system, a UX simulation and a need analysis for the entire system.

The DIVERSUS Vintage Movie gives you a more practical understanding of the project - it's one of the early stages of the concept design from spring 2017.

You can read some background information about the beginnings of the project in 2008 in the article "The Mysterious Kaleidoscope".

For developers who want to get inspired by the first user journey please feel free to dive here.

You can find many small ideas like the bulb indicator or a possible music application described by Boris Böhringer, a singer, performer and one of our supporters and contributors.

The design philosopher Florian Arnold is describing the Dialectical Roots of DIVERSUS in spring 2018.

DIVERSUS is conceived as a "Human Collective Cognition System" and you can find a first description of this deeper approach here. We are currently working on an article that describes it better.

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