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Grunt task that provides an http server to server your static files.

Usage examples:

  • Host your jasmine tests from grunt
  • Test your single page application static html
  • Host static JSON responses for your tests
  • ...

After run the grunt task (e.g. grunt http-server:dev) you can open on your browser.


npm install grunt-http-server

Grunt Task


    'http-server': {

        'dev': {

            // the server root directory
            root: <path>,

            // the server port
            // can also be written as a function, e.g.
            // port: function() { return 8282; }
            port: 8282,

            // the host ip address
            // If specified to, for example, "" the server will 
            // only be available on that ip.
            // Specify "" to be available everywhere
            host: "",

            cache: <sec>,
            showDir : true,
            autoIndex: true,

            // server default file extension
            ext: "html",

            // run in parallel with other tasks
            runInBackground: true|false,

            // specify a logger function. By default the requests are
            // sent to stdout.
            logFn: function(req, res, error) { }





Oscar Brito


Copyright (c) 2015 Oscar Brito, contributors. Released under the MIT license

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