@99darwin 99darwin released this Feb 1, 2019

Version 1.2.2 Changelog

Version 1.2.2 provides a hotfix for a rate-limiting issue caused by Digital Ocean's API and adds a few additional, masternode-related features.


  • Rate limiting issue
  • Payment token blocks deployment of higher tiers
  • Show 'redeploy' for masternodes without droplet

New features

  • Improved remote status retrieval
  • Add masternodes tab to the settings page
  • Backup/Restore: Easily backup and restore your masternodes manually
  • Clear Cache: Get rid of pesky, old masternodes from the cache so they don't appear on a newly restored wallet
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@99darwin 99darwin released this Jan 28, 2019


  • Version 1.2.1 fixes an issue that caused balances to display as '0' unless the wallet was currently unencrypted.
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@99darwin 99darwin released this Jan 25, 2019

This minor upgrade introduces the PayPal integration that allows users to pay for hosting their MOCCI-deployed masternodes in the cloud.

A lot of testing and development has gone into creating a payment flow that makes sense for users and is as easy to use as people have come to expect Divi software to be. Still, there are no doubt things we missed, and we urge all our users to report any bugs or issues to our Telegram support channel.

It is recommended that you subscribe and upgrade your MOCCI subscription as soon as you download the update to avoid any interruption in masternode rewards.


  • MOCCI UX improvements.
  • MOCCI Dismantle optimization. Dismantling now takes about 2 seconds.
  • PayPal subscription to MOCCI.
  • UTXOs only combine on MOCCI deployment only if the “Transaction too large” error occurs. This update will save staked coins from resetting their age and assist in subsequent deployments.
  • Export transaction history to CSV.
  • Updates to remote security infrastructure.
  • Remove incorrect “Additional bonus” percentages from MOCCI modal.
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@99darwin 99darwin released this Nov 9, 2018 · 38 commits to master0 since this release


  • Massive CPU usage improvements
  • Stakes “not showing up” in GUI
  • Handle unexpected shutdown
  • Only show ‘Syncing Stuck’ modal while syncing
  • Unexpected loading spinners on various modals
  • Recover masternodes now works for all masternodes
  • Fix a number of capitalization, spelling & visual input issues
  • Refined recovery flow
  • Recovering wallet no longer requires wallet to be fully synced
  • MOCCI deployment is prohibited unless fully synced
  • Fixed issue where MOCCI nodes destroyed rapidly after deployment
  • Restart daemon after sync to resolve a number of common support issues


  • Mac OSX Auto Updates
  • Improved settings area
  • Restart daemon button in settings
  • Start wallet with -spendzeroconfchange to allow for more than one transaction per minute per wallet
  • USD Value sending

Code signing

OSX & Windows versions of the core daemon and desktop wallet are now code signed, which should limit issues with Antivirus and Firewall software. If you're still experiencing these issues, log a request with us and we will directly contact the provider for the apps to be whitelisted.

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Bug fixes

  • Exit modal gets stuck on Windows
  • Show ‘sent’ when outgoing transaction is fully confirmed
  • Only show ‘Syncing Stuck’ modal while syncing
  • Masternode rewards should show as ‘spendable’ after 21 confirmations
  • Green ‘allocated’ should only show after 15+ confirmations
  • Show masternode address on dismantle
  • Loading spinners on various modals
  • Close recovery modal after successful recovery
  • Implement Digital Ocean error handling
  • Full sync upon restart
    -- This was an issue where the wallet would go through a full sync due to an improper daemon shut down. We have added a check to make sure daemon is shut down completely before a full shutdown of the GUI and added the -reindex argument to rescan in the settings just in case.
  • Total balance still fluctuates with Staking
  • Verify Wallet doesn’t do anything
  • MOCCI deployment is inconsistent
  • Warn user upon shutdown
  • White screen of death
  • Change USD pricing to official CMC pricing
  • UX - Receive Errors/Confusion
    – The new daemon implements “in-wallet” category for transactions, allowing for movements within the wallet to be more clearly displayed as what they are since they are not incoming or outgoing transactions.
  • Only show backup modal on startup for non-backed up wallets
  • Check for sync issues after wallet loads
  • Require backup with seed before encryption
  • Masternode allocation tx shows in received tab, not sent
  • masternode.conf turning into one long line on MOCCI freeze
  • Masternodes show as ‘NOT STARTED’ until refreshed
  • dumphdinfo returns “this is not an hd wallet”
  • Unlock for staking or unlock always locks back up on its own
  • All screens showing loading spinners after MOCCI deployment
  • Masternode retry offers option to close before it’s finished
  • No prompt for auto-update unless restarted
  • Masternodes displaying wrong info on 1.0.7
  • Wait longer before “Sync Stuck” screen appears
  • Remove lock in bottom left corner
  • If staking reward: spendable = 21 confirmations
  • Can’t copy/paste on Mac from Console
  • Masternode retry offers option to close before it’s finished
  • No prompt for auto-update unless restarted
  • Wait longer before “Sync Stuck” screen appears

New features

  • Recover masternodes
  • Change password from settings
  • Show Masternode address on Dismantle
  • Cancel masternode dismantling
  • Add “Staking Status” icon to the top right corner
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Bug Fixes

  • Check for redundant naming
  • Balance display issues
  • Masternode display issues
  • Memory leak
  • Wallet recovery creating wallet.dat.rewrite in addition to wallet.dat
  • Signing Transaction Failed
  • Performance optimizations
  • Require backup with seed before encryption
  • Send tab now displays only spendable balance
  • Spendable and Total reflecting the same balance


  • Check masternode status from GUI
  • Auto update warning
  • Auto update change log
  • Start/restart masternode button
  • Cancel masternode deployment
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@Divicoin Divicoin released this Sep 27, 2018

Update README.md
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@Divicoin Divicoin released this Sep 27, 2018


Update README.md
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Jul 9, 2018