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Server-side apis for the diviscan blockchain explorer
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Diviscan APIs

A RESTful API for making RPC calls to the Divi blockchain. Used for the diviscan block explorer.


The Divi Project ecosystem is a robust network of technologies. Interfacing directly with the blockchain can be challenging and inaccessible for even seasoned developers. Although libraries like divid-rpc exist for interfacing with the blockchain via Javascript, there are few other programmatic ways to develop with Divi.

Other limitations, such as package dependencies may limit developers from exercising the full feature set offered by divid-rpc.

Furthermore, the divid-rpc library still requires the developer to parse the results into usable data after creating methods that function as a developer or user intends.

For this reason, this library of server-side API endpoints was created to allow any request framework to make calls to the public blockchain with ease. Results are easily consumable and provide enough data for a variety of applications to be created.


All endpoints can be retrieved by accessing '' or you can host your own using this library.

These endpoints will remain publicly accessible as long as they are not abused. If they are spammed or used for malicious purposes, custom hosting will be required for usage.

Technologies used

  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • NPM

Custom hosting

  1. Fork this repository and npm install all dependencies.

  2. Download the Divi blockchain for your operating system or feel free to compile from source

  3. You will need a full Divi node running on the server where these APIs are hosted in order for the configuration to speak to the daemon.

Example config.js:

module.exports = {
    config: {
        protocol: 'http',
        user: keys.user, 
        pass: keys.pass,
        host: '',
        port: '51473'
  1. In the root directory create a file titled keys.js

Example keys.js

module.exports = {
    user: 'RandomName',
    pass: 'SuperSecretRandomPasswordChangeOrBePwned'
  1. Run ./divid -reindex -addressindex on startup.

NOTE: You can also add addressindex=1 to your divi.conf file to achieve the same effect. You should always -reindex the node on startup regardless.

  1. Start the API server with npm start


Node specific endpoints will only return data based on the node where the API is being hosted.

GET Requests

Endpoint Params Response Node Specific
/accountaddress/ account address of account true
/account-details/ account (optional) list addresses and balances based on account name true
/address/ address transaction, balance, and delta info false
/address_utxos/ address all UTXOs from an address false
/addrsbyaccount/ account all addresses of specified account true
/balance/ account get balance of account true
/block/ hash block object false
/blockcount number of blocks false
/connectioncount number of active peers true
/decode-raw-tx/ hex decoded raw transaction details false
/getaccount/ address account name true
/getreceived/ address amount received true
/info info object false
/listreceived wallet tx object true
/masternodes number of masternodes, masternode list false
/newaddress/ account name new address true
/price current price of $DIVI false
/sendfrom/ from, to, amount transaction id true
/tx/ txid tx object false

Use cases

If you'd like your app listed here, just reach out to with the subject line: Diviscan API Application

This API is currently being used by:

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