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Reverse engineering tool for x86/ARM/MIPS. Generates indented pseudo-C with colored syntax code.
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Reverse engineering for x86/ARM/MIPS binaries. Generate a more readable code (pseudo-C) with colored syntax.

Supported formats : ELF, PE, RAW.

The Makefile is used only for checking tests (or you can use the command nosetest3 which is faster).


WARNING: a more recent port of pefile for python3 is recommended instead of the repository simonzack/pefile-py3k.

python >= 3.4
capstone + python bindings (see
terminal with 256 colors (if not use the option `--nocolor`)

For Python binding of Capstone engine, you can install it from PyPi, like followings:

sudo pip3 install capstone

You can also run which will retrieve all requirements.

Pseudo-decompilation of functions

The option -x main is optional because the binary contains the symbol main.

$ ./ tests/server.bin


Interactive mode (-i)

More commands are available in this mode (da, db, ...). See help for a full list.

Visual mode (NEW)

New command v in the interactive mode. For the moment we can only scroll and add inline comments. This mode requires ncurses.

More features will come :

  • multi-line comments
  • follow calls/addresses
  • renaming
  • ...

Switch jump-tables

Switch statements which require a jump-table are not detected automatically. So we need to tell it which jump-table to use.

$ ./ -i tests/others/switch.bin
>> x
>> jmptable 0x400526 0x400620 11 8 
# A jump-table at 0x400620 is set with 11 entries, an address is on 8 bytes.


Analyze shellcodes

For every int 0x80, the tool try to detect syscalls with parameters.

$ ./ --raw x86 tests/shellcode.bin
function 0x0 {
    0x0: eax = 0 # xor eax, eax
    0x2: al = '\x0b' # mov al, 0xb
    0x4: cdq
    0x5: push edx
    0x6: push 1752379246 "n/sh"
    0xb: push 1768042287 "//bi"
    0x10: ebx = esp # mov ebx, esp
    0x12: push edx
    0x13: push ebx
    0x14: ecx = esp # mov ecx, esp
    0x16: int 128 ; execve(ebx, ecx, edx) # int 0x80

Edit with vim

$ ./reverse tests/dowhile1.bin --vim
You can now run : vim dowhile1.bin.rev -S dowhile1.bin.vim

Custom colors

At the first run, creates a new file with default values. Here you can set your own colors.

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