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"actions": {
"autotune": {
"desc": "autotune Caffe"
"crowdbench": {
"desc": "crowd-benchmark caffe"
"demo": {
"desc": "classification demo using webcam"
"copyright": "See CK COPYRIGHT.txt for copyright details",
"demo": {
"data_uoa": "tmp-live-caffe-demo",
"image_name": "tmp-captured-image.jpg"
"desc": "caffe CK front-end",
"developer": "cTuning foundation",
"developer_email": "",
"developer_webpage": "",
"license": "See CK LICENSE.txt for licensing details",
"module_deps": {
"experiment.bench.caffe": "155b6fa5a4012a93",
"program": "b0ac08fe1d3c2615",
"tmp": "bfc8fef73c233ce4"
"workflow": "yes",
"workflow_type": "caffe pipeline"
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