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MobileNets-v1 program using Arm Compute Library

ImageNet classification and benchmarking using ArmCL and MobileNets-v1.


ArmCL library

To build this program, you need ArmCL compiled with Graph API:

$ ck install package:lib-armcl-opencl-18.08 --env.USE_GRAPH=ON --env.USE_NEON=ON --extra_version=-graph

To build this program for Android you need to embed OpenCL kernels and select the target API as follows:

$ ck install package:lib-armcl-opencl-18.08 --env.USE_GRAPH=ON --env.USE_NEON=ON --extra_version=-graph \
--env.USE_EMBEDDED_KERNELS=ON --target_os=android23-arm64 [--env.DEBUG=ON]

NB: We have to embed kernels when building for Android as OpenCL kernel files are not copied to a remote device.

NB: Use --target_os=android23-arm64 to build for Android API 23 (v6.0 "Marshmallow") or similar.

TODO: For some reason only a debug build of the library can be used with this program on some Android devices. (When a release version is used, the program appears to get stuck at the graph preparation stage.)

Install pretrained and converted weights

Install one or more of the compatible MobileNet weights packages:

$ ck install package --tags=mobilenet,weights,npy

Install ImageNet validation dataset (50,000 images)

$ ck install package:imagenet-2012-aux
$ ck install package:imagenet-2012-val


$ ck compile program:mobilenet-armcl-opencl [--target_os=android23-arm64] 


$ ck run program:mobilenet-armcl-opencl [--target_os=android23-arm64] 


$ ck benchmark program:mobilenet-armcl-opencl [--target_os=android23-arm64] [--repetitions=10] [--dvdt_prof]

Program parameters

ArmCL parameters

Define a parameter by passing --env.<NAME>=<VALUE> to ck run program:mobilenets-armcl-opencl. See a common header for more details.


  • DEFAULT: use library defaults (possibly a mix of methods).
  • GEMM: use GEMM-based convolutions.
  • DIRECT: use direct convolutions.
  • WINOGRAD: use Winograd convolutions (supported from v18.08; not applicable to MobileNets).


  • NONE: do not use any tuner (default).
  • DEFAULT: use the default CLTuner (preferred).
  • BIFROST: use the static BifrostTuner (may be deprecated).


  • NCHW (default).
  • NHWC (supported from v18.08).
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