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The Multimedia Presenter for Lua
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contrib Contrib: Keyboard/Mouse input using OSC.
doc documentation is now managed outside of this repository
samples Reworked print to only output to the local console.
.gitignore backported features from info-beamer-pi
ChangeLog changelog updated
LICENSE.txt backported features from info-beamer-pi
Makefile fixed glfw3 linking raspberry pi notice
bin2c.c loading lua code
font.c Merge branch 'glfw3'
font.h license update
framebuffer.c clamp textures.
framebuffer.h Refactoring:
image.c fixed missing parameter to image_create. will most likely fix #30
image.h fixed missing parameter to image_create. will most likely fix #30
info-beamer.1.ronn Added manpage. Fixes #13
kernel.lua support subimage drawing, added node.gc
main.c fixed missing parameter to image_create. will most likely fix #30
misc.c cleanup utf8 check
misc.h backported features from info-beamer-pi
module_json.lua backported features from info-beamer-pi
shader.c removed old glfw includes
shader.h Unify PI and Desktop version.
struct.c osc support + beispielscript fuer osc control (android)
struct.h license update
userlib.lua resource loader supports info-beamer pi features
uthash.h init
utlist.h Performance deutlich verbessert durch recycling von einmal erstellen …
video.c use GL_CLAMP
video.h license update
vnc.c Unify PI and Desktop version.
vnc.h mipmapping

About info-beamer

info-beamer allows you to develop interactive information displays using the Lua programming language. Read more about it on the main website


The complete documentation is available on


See the documentation for more information.

Please note that this version won't run on the Raspberry PI, since it only provides OpenGLES2.0, which this version doesn't support. To use info-beamer on the PI, visit

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