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Available rendering Plugins


The current infon version seperates all client logic from the rendering code. Rendering code is instead loaded by the infon client and is interfaced by a very small API. There are 5 renderers at the moment. There are no binaries yet, but the code is available in the repository.

Null Renderer

Enjoy the nice printf output ;-)

It serves as an example for the API. See null_gui.c.

SDL Renderer

This is the known graphical output ported to the new API.

OpenGL Renderer

A very limited OpenGL Renderer. It is a port of old C++ graphic code I wrote for a (never finished) game 2 years ago.

Lilith Renderer

The Lilith Renderer uses the Lilith3D Engine to generate quite nice graphics. The code is not maintained at the moment an will probably not compile with a current lilith release.

aalib Renderer

Cube 2 Engine Renderer

It tried to use the Cube 2 Engine for yet another Renderer. No success so far :-(

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