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Type /dev/log_in/john in browser to log in as john (in env.development)
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Dev Log in

Rails gem that helps you to log in and easily switch between multiple users in development env (without configuration).


Go to http://myproject.local/dev/log_in/john to log in as john (if a user with email "john@." exists in DB)


/dev/log_in/ivan for "ivan@*.*"
/dev/log_in/admin for "admin@*.*"
/dev/log_in/1 for User(id=1)

Go to http://myproject.local/dev/log_in/john/admin to log in, if your model has a different from User name


Just add to your Gemfile:

gem 'dev_log_in'


Not needed!

Copyright © 2012 divineforest, This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.

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