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A simple Lua-based IDE for Lua with code completion, syntax highlighting, and remote debugger
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Project Description

A simple and extensible Lua IDE and debugger. It supports multiple file formats, "api" for autocompletion and tooltips, and custom command-line tools. Its main focus is extensibility for target applications using Lua.


  • Written in Lua, so easily customizable
  • Automatically loads several 'plugin' like classes
    • applications: overall control of applications settings
    • specs (spec/): file syntax, lexer, keywords
    • apis (api/): for code-completion and tool-tips
    • interpreters (interpreters/): how a project is run
    • config (cfg/): contains style and basic editor settings
    • tools (tools/): additional tools, e.g. cg compiler, dx fxc compiler
  • Auto-completion for functions, keywords...
  • Function tips
  • Function list in file (quick jump to)
  • Function call highlighting
  • Bracket matching/highlighting
  • Project file browser
  • Experimental type/class guessing for auto-completion
  • Support for different editor styles
  • Console to directly test code snippets with local and remote execution
  • Integrated debugger (with support for local and remote debugging)


There is currently two front-ends using the same editor engine. The original one is Estrela, which has a focus on 3d graphics related usage of Lua, especially in combination with the luxinia engine or luxinia2 framework. The second front-end is ZeroBrane Studio (zbstudio) which has a focus on using Lua in education, mobile development, and robotics.

Both are part of the standard distribution.


$ git clone git:// zbstudio
$ git clone git:// estrelaeditor


Open File(s):
  <exe> <filename> [<filename>...]
  any non-option will be treated as filename

Overriding Config:
  <exe> [...] -cfg "<luacode overriding config>" [...]
  e.g.: zbstudio.exe -cfg "singleinstance=false;" somefile.lua


Estrela Editor

Luxinia Dev: Christoph Kubisch (

ZeroBrane Studio and MobDebug

ZeroBrane LLC: Paul Kulchenko (


See LICENSE file.

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