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* Installation
Building tolua on a Unix system should be very easy:
1. Edit "config" to suit your platform, if at all necessary.
2. Then, type "make".
See below for instructions for Windows and Macintosh.
* What you get
If "make" succeeds, you get:
* an executable to generate binding code in ./bin;
* the C library to be linked in your application in ./lib;
* the include file needed to compile your application in ./include.
These are the only directories you need for development, besides Lua.
There is testing codes in src/tests and, if you are lucky, there is a manual page
in html in ./doc. You don't need these directories for development.
* Installation on Windows
The instructions for building tolua on a Mac or Windows machine depend on
the particular compiler you are using.
The simplest way is to create a folder with all .c and .h files, and
then create a project for the executable and the library, as follows:
tolua.exe: all *.c *.h in src/bin.
tolua.lib: all *.c *.h in src/lib.
Under directory ./win32, there is a project sample for Visual C++ 6.
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