Documentation: Please add warning of incompatibility with cloud-storages #104

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katzlbt commented Jan 13, 2014

Please add a warning to your README that the library is incompatible with cloud storages and only supports local filesystems or NFS like file-systems. The per file access RPC-penalty of cloud systems is 100ms per access.

Reason: easy-thumbnails is not "Optimized for remote storages" and adds 4 seconds response time to a single request if the used is an uncached S3/cloud storage. See:


stefanfoulis commented Feb 23, 2016

@katzlbt is this still an issue? We use django-filer with s3 and it does not seem much of a problem, since easy-thumbnails caches thumbnail filenames in the database.

katzlbt commented Feb 24, 2016

As long as the SQL DB runs on the local machine, this works, but it will never scale to multiple frontend webservers with a remote backend DB server.

The problem persists even with DB access, as you usually need a remote DB that needs to be accessed for each thumbnail. The only permanent solution is to neither access filesystem NOR database for each image on a page when the page is rendered, but to encode all rendering parameters in the URL of the thumbnail and let the image-fetch request do the lazy rendering.

Simply try to connect the frontend webserver to a remote MySQL database on a machine on the LAN next door, or overseas and watch the performance degrade unbearably with page rendering times of 10+ seconds. A remote DB request also has a delay of 10-100ms.

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