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django CMS explorer

Try demo with Aldryn Cloud

This is the "Explorer" theme used for the django CMS demo. The purpose of this project is to provide theme developers a cookie cutter theme project to create or migrate their own theme.

We created django-cms-demo in addition to make life easier for developers for playing around with a theme. You can also use Aldryn Cloud to skip the local setup all together.


Demo Project

The easiest way to install this project is the django-cms-demo project. Head over to the repository and follow the instructions in the README.txt.


  • The easiest way to install django CMS manually is by using the djangocms-installer.
  • You can also create a project from scratch following the very helpful Django tutorial. Followed by installing django CMS the "hard" way.
  1. Choose a starting installation from above.
  2. Once you have created a project, copy all files from inside the django-cms-explorer project directly into your projects mysite/ directory. More about the file structure is documented in our boilerplate guidelines.
  3. Restart your server and open your site using http://localhost:8000/en/.

You are ready to create your own theme.

Supported Addons

This theme supports, besides the core addons, also the following:


django CMS explorer theme example



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